A Poem by Seamstress

Simple heartfelt response to a situation yesterday. Not sure how it will be taken but I simply can't forget.


I’m scared the addiction is returning

Words of never again being turned around

The hurts brought upon someone new

I don’t want to see that from you


You opened a new account with an old name

A name she and I recognized as the same

That you last hurt me with for love

She wanted to warn me before another pain


I checked out the page she speaks of now

The words are like those of yours before

Yet they aren’t words of a physical woman

Instead being the words of Him that I loved.


I’ve kept your secret and not told her

Yet feel bad about not coming forward

I sent you a heads up about the warning

A lackadaisical response was your reply


Are ya’ll testing me?

Seeing if I will keep your “secret” from her

Does she actually know and laugh at your side

I’ve been hurt by you before, I can’t do it again.


So yes I’m afraid, scared, and worried

Am I just something to laugh at;

Your words although truthful sounding

Just the talent of your writing?


Will I be hurt again because I forgave?

Will this be an annual event for you?

“Oh let’s get Alee and trick her again”

Another pain for me and joy for you.


I’m not blaming, I’m just afraid

I want the honesty yet scared to trust

I opened myself again for a friendship afar

Yet again I’m afraid because of a spiritless response.

© 2013 Seamstress

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No worries, hope we worked this out now. I would never do that crap again, and I am sorry that you thought I was. With time, action, and consistency, I pray that trust can be restored. Still wonder who the hell Danielsfuture is but it sure ain't me.

Posted 7 Years Ago


7 Years Ago

Yes we are fine now. You know me I go through my moments when something is told to me and I write w.. read more
Misty Blue Eyes

7 Years Ago

aww you guys are so adorable. seamstress i go through periods of this, espcially when im told someth.. read more

7 Years Ago

Ahh Mysty you do not know the half of it ... yet. I am going to be doing some writing and revealing .. read more

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Added on December 21, 2013
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