Seriously out of Practice

Seriously out of Practice

A Story by The Silent Deviant

Let's face it folks, I haven't done stuff in a while on this page.


Seriously out of practice

So as you can see from the gap, and through the obvious name of the title, I have been seriously out of practice with writing and such lately. I have been.... doing other things. To word it in a very vague sense that everyone uses as an excuse for these things. No matter! I am here now and I intend on getting something up on my long yearning page of emptiness.

Today's writing exercise topic is more of a way to get something off my mind I suppose, due to my isolation issues. Never been one to talk to other people about my issues and I don't intend on doing that even now. At some later point perhaps, who knows. But before I delve off topic, I ask a simple question:

Ever have a certain song that you only listen to under a certain mind set?

A bazaar question yes, but very valid for this exercise of mine to be honest. I realized after a while today that I have certain songs that I listen to whenever I am happy, upset, getting pumped, settling down, trying to ponder about things, or just getting in the mood for something else (like pulverizing my enemies in a video game of some sorts with music!). Either way, everyone can relate to this in some sort. In my particular case, I was listening to the song “Save Me” by Killswitch Engage all day long.

This particular song is always a song that I listen to when.... things aren't exactly in the greatest setup in my life. The song itself has a relatively simple meaning to my understanding. As the name implies, it's a plea for salvation. What from? Well, I'm not sure honestly but I don't think it is the point. What I am driving at, so to speak is that I listen to this song mainly when I'm just taking a look at my life and just trying to think of these things for a while. I use it as a sort of.. escape from reality and what not. It's never in the best of times that I do this but hey, it happens. Need to have some bad in life to appreciate the good.

This exercise is more of a rant, I know. Then again, aren't all of my exercises rants? I just felt that I needed to put something onto my page finally, and I felt a big urge at.... 3 am lol. So all in all what is the point of this rant anyways? Well, in short, I've been stuck in my mind today. All day. So I figured that typing it away might have helped. Plus it puts something up on my page. So I came up with a completely bullshit thing to write about on my wall really. Sound like a good plan? I thought it was a great plan! >.<

On that note I'm off now folks. Peace, love, and chicken grease.


Even when I fall, will you still believe?

Even when I'm lost, will you still believe?

Every time I fall, will you save me?

Even when I fall, will you save me?”

© 2014 The Silent Deviant

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Added on December 28, 2014
Last Updated on December 28, 2014
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The Silent Deviant

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