The Scions

The Scions

A Chapter by The Silent Deviant

This chapter explains the Scions in detail, each on individually as well.

In the last chapter, i had spoken about the Scions. They can be looked at as a race of beings far beyond that of mankind, who traverse the many realms of Aeon. Each governs a realm of their own, which inhibit the traits of the element the Scion governs. Each of these scions are considered perfectly equal, there is no literal leadership for the Scions, for they practice in perfect unity. This equilibrium however is difficult to maintain, and it is the reason for the fall of the last 2 realms the Scions created. Despite how balanced things may be, they will always fall out of sync eventually. And the Scions tend to have issues correcting these imbalances. During the meat of this writing, I will describe each of the Scions in detail. Note that Tempest is a referential story to many things which have already been done in popular RPG genres. Their names should prove familiar to all final fantasy fans. 
Ifrit: Scion of Fire, his true form is a lion-like beast which stands on two legs and naturally is hunched forward. His mane is made of a crackling flame, and shackles are around his wrists. Shackles which are no longer attached of course, but shackles none the less. Ifrit has a dominant personality, and is always the first to act when it is within his power to do so. Not the greatest tactician, due to his haste of coming into action as soon as possible. Despite this, Ifrit is incredibly smart and knowledgeable. His style proves to be a powerful resource, and do keep in mind his choices are always kept in check by his fellow Scions. He has no need to strategize as much if he has allies that will back him up with a much better plan later. Personality wise, Ifrit is always busy. He despises the idea of sitting idle when there is so much to do. He is restless, powerful, direct, and proud, but not too proud. 
Siren: Scion of Water, her true form is that of a beautiful Siren. She is roughly 3 to 4 times the size of the average human from head to tail. As the myth goes, Siren loves music. The misinterpretation however is that she is very benevolent. The most of all the Scions. She embraces life, love, art, and passion. Anything that classifies as the little things in life, Siren finds virtue in it. She always finds a positive despite how ugly a situation may feel. Siren is perhaps the most in touch to Azerus personally than any other Scion, maybe even our next contender.... 
Fenrir: Scion of Earth, his true form is that of a gigantic and sturdy gray wolf, roughly 15-20 feet in length. Etchings mark his entire body. What these symbols mean will forever be unknown. Perhaps the most noticeable thing about Fenrir that your eyes will be attracted to (once your mind is done thinking "woah, big f*****g wolf!" ) is his earring, which is one lone pewter colored stud on his left ear..... His, not yours. To you it would be the right side. Fenrir is the most patient and laid back of all Scions. He often disagrees with Ifrit for this reason. Fenrir would rather wait and watch things return to balance on their own and interfere only when necessary. He adores nature, and deeply dislikes anyone who disrespects it. Despite most earth spirits in popular belief, you wont tick him off by chopping down a tree or anything. Destroying nature doesn't annoy him, but he will intervene if it is major. Fenrir is far more upset by those who disregard the sanctity of nature and would cause unnecessary harm to it for the sake of a devious cause. Beyond this, Fenrir adores making sentient contact, like Siren. He often engages them, in idle conversation. Typically he does this outside his true form, Fenrir is scary at first glance. 
Shiva: Scion of Ice, her true form is simply a human appearance. She is about twice the size of an average woman however, with a light blue hue. Frost covers her body in random areas and her attire is a dark blue attire akin to that of a belly dancer. Her stomach shows and the skirt reaches her knees. Shiva is a rather harsh Scion. Like her governing element, her presence stings until you acclimate. Despite the difference of element, Shiva and Ifrit get along incredibly well. She is always first to suggest that which everyone avoids, and Ifrit is ready to back her up once everyone is in agreement. Other than that, Shiva is realistic, and the least empathetic of all Scions. This doesn't make her cruel, however. She simply doesn't understand the "why" behind emotions. 
Ramuh: Scion of Lightning, his true form is that of an elderly man about 2 feet taller than Shiva. He dons a scholarly robe, which is primarily a dark blue color with splashes of other low intensity colors like purple and black. He typically holds a staff, but not always. This staff is pitch black and pretty bland minus the decorative top, which splits into 4 strips which all meet at the apex. The shape they form roughly resembles a cylinder. Ramuh is a bery wise, and the most... Introverted of the Scions. Knowledge of history appeals to him, however Ramuh is also attributed to being very cunning. He is perhaps the greatest mind of all Scions. As attributed by his element as well, by default Ramuh is also known to be very precise. This accounts in both combat (yes the Scions actually can do battle in Azerus, typically as a summoned entity) and his words. 
Garuda: Scion of Wind, her true form is that of a harpy, except that Garuda is quite beautiful. Her legs are replaced with that of a great bird, talons and all. She also has a set of regular human arms as well as great big wings. She faintly glows a bright green color, and her head simply resembles that of an average human being. Garuda is quite large, coming in at about 4 to 5 times the average height of a person given she stands up straight with a whopping 30 foot wing span, roughly. Garuda, is a Scion that is typically more of the earthly and fun loving of the 8. Like Siren, she enjoys simple things that bring happiness. On the other side of the spectrum however, Garuda is a nasty fighter and will never hesitate to cut down anything when provoked. She is very defensive in nature, and springs to action to keep things safe. Garuda is also the fastest of all the Scions, easily. Her personality beyond this is very.. motherly, uplifting (no pun intended) and empowering to be around. Garuda also enjoys engaging directly with Azerus like Fenrir and Siren. She loves all her children of the world, and would easily take down anyone who causes them intentional harm. 
Ultima: Scion of light, her true form is that of almost.. a priestess. She wears a pure white roman style robe, and some jewelry. She has 3 rings in total which are never really on the same fingers the next time e you would see her, about an 2 inch wide golden anklet on her left leg and 2 thin wire like brackets on each arm. She has a strange set of about 5 rings which follow behind her. One in the center and 4 equally spread around it. There is a bright, but yet, non blinding glow in the space occupied by them. If viewed from the sided it would simply look like a vertical line of pure light. Ultima is a far reaching and wise Scion. She enjoys unmasking uncertainties and lies. The is also the most jubilant, and the most emotional of all the Scions. Known for having a colorful personality to those who have had contact. 
Odin: Scion of darkness, his true form resembles that of the Norse mythology in which he was based off of. A male horse rider and his steed Sleipnir. Odin is roughly twice the size of that which you could imagine an average sized man and horse as well. Despite how popular belief portrays light and dark, they do not reflect morality in any way. In Azerus, they rather respresent... balance. One needs the other in order to exist. Ultima is far more open, and cares not about her outward appearance. She is an open book, and is constantly seeking truths where lies and deceit prosper. Odin stands on the other end of this spectrum. Rather than being a pathological liar however, he prefers to shroud himself in mystery. Odin and his domain are only visible and understood by those with an open, and realistic mind.

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Added on December 10, 2015
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