A Chapter by The Silent Deviant

Chapter 2 of Book 1: Exploring the Stars...


All I had was anticipation within me. What exactly would SAIL find for me? Is there even anything FOR him to find? Finally, if not then how would I deal with the situation? Truth be told, if there were anything particularly dangerous on this planet then I can honestly say that I probably wouldn't be able to deal with it on my own. While the resources I have now kept me alive from some of the wildlife here with basic swords and knives, a crafted stone sword isn't going to be reliable enough to keep me going in EVERY situation...

I thought about things like this while I gathered some plants and such for seeds and fruits in the landscape around the house. Some of which I had planted myself. The last 15 minutes or so doing this had felt like hours. The suspense is literally killing me...

It seems like an over-exaggerated response, but I just get very eager very easily. I also get happy easily... and confused..... you know what, let's save some time and say I have very exaggerated emotions for the most part.

While I was deep in my thoughts, my watch suddenly dinged.

Scan has been completed successfully. Results...”

After a few moments, he continued: “This planet is not unusual in composition to most rocky ones. High iron, copper, silver and gold deposits. Each of which increase rarity from least most, as well as become more common the deeper into the planet you would go.”

See.. I wasn't expecting that for a result what so ever. I admit I'm very disappointed by this. DEEPLY disappointed.

So.. you didn't find anything besides that?”

There was a bit of silence in between my question and SAIL's response.

I WAS able to initiate a surface scanning as well. Would you like to see the results?”

Umm... f**k yes, I want to see the results.”

After a series of futuristic boops and beeps, he continued: “The planet seems primarily covered in a lush flora. Many trees and plantlife that would be considered edible are abundant as well. Most of the planet follows this same trend for the most part, however there is one inconsistency...”

My ears had perked up when he said that.

A thing? Where!?”

This object resides on coordinates -651X, -342Z, and 12Y. It appears to be man-made in origin. This places the object on a flat, low altitude zone to the southeast. Roughly 4-5 miles southeast of this location. Shall I mark the area for you?”

Absolutely. SAIL, we're going on a little stroll”

Confirmed. Placing marker on your compass, you can check your Heads-up Display for the marker. Simply for convenience, of course”

I had already started haulin' a*s by the time he had mentioned this. I realized that I was SO excited to find some adventure... that I literally was running in the polar opposite direction. Probably should have checked that, eh?

After correcting my course, I ran off in the proper direction. It's time to find some cool s**t, and I just can't wait!


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Added on June 9, 2018
Last Updated on June 9, 2018
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