Her and the dark spirits

Her and the dark spirits

A Story by TheSunflower

this story may sound so superfecial but it is the opposite, it is so deep and real


She was sitting in her corner holding her laptop staring at the screen feeling emotionally traumatized and wondering what she really has to feel if she was in a normal state of spirit.

The demons around her analyzing every detail about her trying to darken her life, trying to make her afraid with some diabolic dances and moves, trying to discover all her weaknesses, laughing so loudly to distract her, to disturb her, to make her afraid. But she was still staring at the screen like nothing of that is happening. They started getting angry and annoyed, they want her attention but they’re not getting any, they want to manipulate her emotions so they can control her but without any result.

They started dancing and jumping faster and faster and laughing louder and louder while she was still staring at the screen quietly.

The demons became really mad they wanted to get into the screen to steal her attention. They decided to send signals through the content she was watching but in vain, all that effort was in vain. She wasn’t looking at the screen she was drowning in her thoughts thinking so deeply that she didn’t notice any of the evil energy around her, once she was back to the reality she looked at them and smiled quietly and said “Hello Back, it is you again. You must feel tired after all this effort.  Let me prepare you a cup of tea”

© 2021 TheSunflower

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Added on March 12, 2021
Last Updated on March 12, 2021
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