A Chapter by Talia Bloom and Tina Beaumont

Long ago when Christians faith were put to the test, where those who dared to stand up for they're faith were killed, and their children sent away to be slaves... It was a time that no one dares to speak of, a time when Islam took over... a time when no one was safe.

People used to dance in the streets of Mexico, in the sunshine having a joyful time... then there were gunshots and everyone ran... Now no one dances on the street, no one is joyful, and the sun won't shine... The men who shot the guns in the streets that day had done unspeakable things... They burned down Christian men's houses and shot many people who would not deny their faith.

Many thought they were safe inside their houses hiding from the murderous men who lurked outside... yet a young man of at the age of 19 named Eston Rodriquez denied that his family was safe inside.

"Your father is the leader Eston. He knows what is best for us," said his mother Maria to him one day when Eston suggested they try to run away to freedom.

"But Mother how can Father know what is best for us? We are Christians and the men will come for us soon," replied Eston pleading his mother.

"No Eston," she said firmly. "This conversation is over son. Go to your room."

"But Mother�""

"NOW!!" she commanded and for a moment Eston thought the walls would crumble to nothing. Eston trudged to his room mad that his mother would not listen to him. As he went to his room Ida 7-year-old his sister watched him and he saw in her eyes a fear like no other. He shivered at the terrifying fear in her eyes and went on his way. He knew whatever was to happen his sister Ida and himself must stick together... He knew he was right and that the men would be coming... They were much closer than he ever thought though...

Late in the night Eston heard the door being banged on, "Get up you lazy useless animals," yelled the leader of the cold-blooded killers, Rodmarik Darkin. The small family of four gathered in the living room as they hung onto one another. All were sleepy-eyed and tired but no one was going to sleep tonight... at least not peacefully.

"Well Mr. Rodriquez... seems word has past around that you have been sharing your so-called 'Gospel' with people... what do you have to say for yourself and your family?" asked the leader.

"I am honored to grow the kingdom of God and my and my family will serve the Lord," answered Father truly without a hint of pride in his voice.

"Wrong answer," replied Darkin's second in command.

"I will give you one last chance to deny your God and to claim Allah as your new Lord. As if I haven't given you enough mercy already," sneered Darkin.

"I will never deny the Lord my God!" shouted Eston's father as he put his arms out in front of his family as if to act as a shield.

"Yes, we will never forsake our Lord!" yelled Mother. "What are they thinking? Do we not want to make peace with the murders and live another day?" thought Eston to himself.

"Take this man and the woman out side and take care of them," said Darkin to his second in command.

"Yes, sir. It is an honor to Allah to do so," he smirked. Then he and two other men came and took Eston's father away. His Mother took Eston's hand and whispered, "Eston take care of your sister no matter what happens to us. We will one day all be united."

"I will Mother," he whispered in return and then he watched as his mother was dragged away and out of sight. Ida clung to Eston and then they heard a gun shot. Ida buried her face in Eston's nightgown. Then came the second and there was nothing but silence. Darkin watched as Ida cried and he smiled.

"Don't worry darling," he said. 'They're in a better place." Then he laughed at what he'd said. Eston stared at Darkin his heart ached and his face burned for revenge, but he knew he couldn't do anything to Darkin he could be killed leaving Ida all alone.

"It is done Master," said the second in command walking back into the house.

"Good. Take these two to the wagon," said Darkin.

"Yes sir. Let's get moving kids," second in command said. Eston doesn't move.

"C'mon boy move!" shouted the Darkin. Then Darkin pulled back and smacked Eston.

"What are you deaf boy? I said MOVE!!" Eston and Ida were pushed along and shoved into the back of a covered wagon. "I'm scared Eston," said Ida who clung to Eston's chest.

"Don't worry Ida, I will protect you," answered Eston and they felt the wagon jolt and shake them as they went on their way. They couldn't see where they were going and didn't know where they would end up. All they knew was that they're parents were gone forever and that they must stick together.


Scarlet walked out of her masters room, her shift leaving her chilled. She wished she wasn't American. The men thought they were the worst of all Christians. "You are to be back in an hour. Do not do anything you shouldn't," he growled at her before leaving. She winced and nodded. All she wanted then was a friend.


Once upon a time, the sky was blue. It was once a beautiful thing to see, with all of the clouds floating and shaping into numerous of objects, while the sun beamed at the small beings that dare walk the earth.
Oh, how he dreaded for that day to come.

The sky no longer held the beauty, but rather, the demons.
No clouds.
No happiness.
Yet, forever hot.
He ambled solemnly to an old-ruined that lies in the middle of a cornfield. It was once a catholic church with kaleidoscope windows all around it, but it collapsed during world war three- the war between Russia and U.S.
It was a surprise, indeed, since the church held the power to humanity, which also made it an easy target for Russia. The more humans, the more death and the quicker the surrender will be.
Nevertheless, he thought it was garbage. The church could not hold the answer to humanity, but instead, held the bearings that lie on the shoulders. It was a perfect place for tossing the weight aside and leaving without so much of a second glance.
When he was five feet from the narthex, the doors moaned and groaned before they opened. He paused and eyed the door suspiciously. No one was supposed to be at the church except for him. He was the one who signed off on receiving the church under his name. Despite the fact he cared less about religions, its benches provided him a good place for resting.
The man hustled to the church door and reached for his colt python 357 in his back pocket of his jeans. He tightened his holster around his waist and hid it underneath his black-leathered jacket. Tilting his cowboy hat upward, his eyes skimmed the dimmed room.
Everything was in its place, except...
"I know you are hiding behind the old vase," he murmured.
The shadow behind an old, turquoise-glass vase moved slightly back. Its slender body, from what he could see, was hunched as though it held weight on it for a while. Its long hair appeared feminine, but he could be wrong. Men, nowadays, were letting their hair grow-out until they looked like an impersonation of cavemen, which was unattractive to women, it seems. Or so he heard.

"Come out, you bloody fool," he spit to the side and pulled back the hammer of his gun. The figure squeaked and tripped over its footings, trying to get away.
Chuckling, he kept the gun pointing its direction and inched near. "I don't mind having a new trophy hanging on my wall-"
"T-this is a c-church. W-why would y-y-y-you want to k-kill in the house of C-Christ?" asked the figure. A woman, he thought as the voice came out brittle, yet feminine.

He still kept his gun at her even if she sounded like she suffered much worse than he.
"What are you doing here?" He asked, ignoring her question. He would not hesitate to shoot her if she gave him a reason. Even if they were in a church.

"I'm Bella. I'm a mother of three kids and married to an awesome man-"
"I asked for why you are here not your life story."
She eyed up to the ceiling at the single dim lightbulb that, for some unbeknownst reason, lit up a third of the room. "I'm here for you."
He chuckled dryly. "Me? What would you want from me?"
"Your body."
Raising an eyebrow at that response, he closed in the spaces between them and slapped her across the face. "You think I'm just some guy who would have sex with just anyone? Think again." He tapped the side of her head with his gun and smirked when she wince.
For a woman, she masked out the pain quite well. He will have to give her credit for that. Not once did she trip and fall, but rather stood her ground.
"I know you are seeking money. Let me help you."
"Help? I think I'm doing well right now."
"You live in a church-"
"Perfectly fine with me."
"Sleeping on benches-"
"As I said, not worth trading for."
"And you shower at locker rooms in high schools."
"Hey, free water. No need to pay the bills."
She sighed. "My boss and I will like to offer you thousands of dollars for you to please the women in our industries."
"Industries? Women?"
He blinked at her and spat to the side. She wanted him to have sex with women? What kind of job was that? As pleasing as it seems, he would have to decline. He was not ready to be a father-
"These women took their pills daily, so pregnancy will not be a high risk," she said as though she knew of his hesitations.
The man chewed the inside of his cheek and stared at her. "No pregnancy?"
"No pregnancy."
He sighed and licked his chapped lips. "Deal."
She extended her hand out to him. "Good! Glad to have you on the team, Mister..."
"Travis," he replied, shaking her hand. "Travis Simmers."
"Well, Mr. Simmers, when are you available?"
Travis chuckled darkly. "Whenever."
"Good. First shift, tomorrow. See you then?"
"You can bet your life I will be there."
"Good." She marched to the doors behind him and peered over her shoulder to the cowboy. "See you at the eleventh street of Rome."
He gave her a thumbs-up and listened to the doors close after her.
This will be fun.

© 2016 Talia Bloom and Tina Beaumont

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