Aggravated Aging

Aggravated Aging

A Poem by The Things She Noted

My fear of growing old consumes my waking thoughts
The white of the sun cream seeping into my skin
Have my pores become bigger?
The wide brimmed hat on greasy hair
The silk of pillows
I like to lay on my stomach
It reminds me of being a child
Yet I lay on my back
So vulnerable and exposed
I hate it
Can’t sleep
But no sleep means tired eyes
Two pills
Everything becomes heavy
I wake up two hours before my husband
To wash my face
To rid myself of prickled hair
The sweet pink cream applied to my ripened skin
Every day I’m aging
Every day I grow older
While he lays there on my silk
Sleeping on his stomach
In all his hair and sweat and odour that has now just lingered long enough to become home
And the home he has found inside of me is in constant need of upgrades
Always plastering
Being precise in my foundation
Because if I was not
This may all just tumble
Collapsing in on the two of us
He is off to work
Where he will get paid double what I make
Though I work twice as hard
No one could see it though
Everything I do is so intentionally effortless
He will walk up the stairs instead of getting in the lift
Call it his exercise for the day and we will both chuckle
Though I ran 10 miles before he even woke
Pilates for an hour
And I always take the stairs
And I make his dinner
Wash his clothes
Fold his laundry

It is now quite clear
Why I am may age
Faster than him

© 2021 The Things She Noted

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Honest and true words dear poet. It seem we work and we work for others. Killing ourselves and we cannot escape. I liked the flow of thoughts leading to the honest ending. Thank you for sharing the amazing poetry and your thoughts.

Posted 1 Month Ago

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Added on May 24, 2021
Last Updated on May 24, 2021
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The Things She Noted
The Things She Noted

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