Fish Out of Water

Fish Out of Water

A Poem by The Things She Noted

Sometimes my naivety makes me feel like a child
How gullible I must appear
How simple it is to fool me
The candy behind your back
Which hand to chose
I feel small
Though I’ve spent twenty four years on this earth
Each one harder than the last
I still believe in the kindness of strangers
The vulnerability of self
Baring myself for those I have not met
Men behind screens
Sending me messages
Dinging through my dinners
They’re so turned on
I haven’t said anything
Only a quick hello
They reel me in like a fish to a hook
No worm to entice me
Just the simple foolishness of a gaping mouth in dangerous waters
They want pictures
They want to chat
They want me to explain the way I would touch them
They detail what they may do to me
If they had me alone
Silly little girl
In a world of strangers
Still believing the best
Telling them I’m not sure what would happen
My cameras not working
Letting the chats linger though I have the power to delete them
Say goodbye
But I don’t
I allow them to reel me past the divide of land and water
Where I’m gasping for air
They toy with me
Dragging me along
Pulling me up
Watching me squirm
Then letting me go
Dropped back in to the lake
With all the other fish
Holes in our flesh
Hooks in our mouths

© 2021 The Things She Noted

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I can relate to this from when I was on Tinder. I never let any of them touch me, but I still let it go too far. This is well written and easly understood.

Posted 1 Month Ago

I don't have children but after reading this eye opening work I count it a blessing. I can't imagine trying to raise a girl in this day and age. It's terrifying what females have to endure during this age of social media. Women have always had it bad but these times have only compounded their struggles even more. Thank you for speaking your truth and revealing the dark under belly of social media in the internet age. As well as technology in smartphones, tablets, and other devices. This was absolutely eye opening and scary to read, not to mention heartbreaking as well.

Posted 1 Month Ago

This starts by sounding like a plea for help in a way, I guess to show how others would see you, which was cleverly written and composed, and then turns into a wise woman that has great foresight of the spiders on the worldwide web. Well written! tyfs

Posted 2 Months Ago

A classic case of Internet fishing. It's a mine field out there. Don't fall for the bait. Conveying well the dangers and intentions of some undesirables.


Posted 2 Months Ago

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Added on July 15, 2021
Last Updated on July 15, 2021
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The Things She Noted
The Things She Noted

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