A Story by Titan

A short story about being content


Turning her head, she glanced out the window and let a smile drift across her face. The sun, obscured by the clouds though it was, shone quite brightly through the glass and painted her in the golden hues of sunset. She stretched languidly across her bed, dragging her legs atop the comforters and reaching her arms above her head, basking once more in the warm light. 

She was the embodiment of the word content. She was satisfied, relaxed, and happy, wanting for naught. The only thoughts twirling through her head were those that held no weight, such as how soft her duvet was, and how beautiful she thought the sky. She patiently awaited the arrival of the moon and the stars, if only to admire them as she had admired the clouds during the day. 

As the sun fell below the horizon, she reached towards her bedside table and flicked a switch, illuminating dozens of strands of fairy lights spread across her room. The small lights twinkled through her closet and bookshelves, across her dresser and headboard, and wrapped around her window, casting her room in a blue-tinged glow. As the first stars appeared in the sky, she slipped on her pyjamas and slid under the covers, humming lazily. The girl drifted off to sleep, staring at the night sky through her window, content with what she had, and wishing for absolutely nothing at all.

© 2019 Titan

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I can't read this without hearing Sarah Slean in my head. No specific song, just a Sleanlike, melancholic swell of strings with her little orphan voice drifting around it. Something from the Sea side of Land & Sea, or The Baroness Redecorates.

Horrible review, Christoph. Nobody knows who Sarah Slean is, and if they did you'd still be talking about her more than good ol' Titan over here.

The point, I think, is that this is real pretty and I like it.

Posted 3 Months Ago

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Added on November 4, 2019
Last Updated on November 4, 2019
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A Story by Titan