A Gothic Fairytale

A Gothic Fairytale

A Poem by TheUnforgivinFallenAngel

Once upon a time
There was a gorgeous princess
who lived in a beautiful gothic castle,
Decorate with black roses and Lace curtains
Fill with Victorian furniture
The candles that lighted the castle,
Spread the smell of wild roses,
Lavenders, lemon and honey
In the garden of the mansion
Grew fresh apples, cherries and berries,
Which made any mouth water

In the gothic castle,
the princess had a pet
named Forbidden
It was a little kitten
with Black mix grey fur
Every stormy night
when thunder hits the ground
Forbidden ran to the princess
And crawled under her feet
She found comfort in these days  
Darkness was her home

Her life seemed like a perfect fairytale
A beautiful gothic fairytale
She had everything
a girl would ever dreamed of
Gorgeous dresses, jewelleries and shoes
that went along with the dresses
She had servants at her hand
Parents that loved her and ruled the country
Her life was filled with luxury
Money was at her feet
But none of these broought her happiness
Because the princess was alone
With no one to talk
and no one listen
She was sad and lonely
In the gothic castle

Her only friend was Forbidden
He was a good listener
but not much of a helper
She had no real friends
No one to talk and no one to play with 
Nobody understood her,
nobody saw through her
She was different from all other children
She did not like the same things they liked
She did not have the same dreams they had
Her parents weren’t proud of her
Because she was different, nothing like the princess
who follow their parents' will and made them happy
She didn’t followed what her parents planed
did not achieved the goals that they set
She wanted to make them proud
But she was too depressed to try
What they wanted is not
what she wanted

Every night when the moonrise
The princess climbed the stairwell
to the top of the castle
She  walked to the balcony
stared at the black sky
And weep thousand tears
let them sweep across her face
She cried till her eyes were red, and
She cannot bear the pain any longer
She seek for the answer to life
She screamed to the night sky
Beg the angels to take her away
Ask the Goddess for forgiveness
For whatever she done
She Called her guardian angel
asked him for help
She cried in the pain,
lost billion tears
But no pain was released
No answers were found
She was buried in her pain
and  drown in her misery  
She was blind in the nothingness
No colours, no shapes, no pictures
Nothing was clear,
everything was so blurry
She felt hopeless and mindless
Eager in escape this pain
In the darkness,
where no one was there
She pulled the dragger
and count down her breaths
Held the dragger to her heart
Then stabbed it through
with no last thought
Princess laid still, frozen
as a beautiful ice sculpture
Her tears had stop,
her pain was gone
Red rose petals
covered her fragile body
she laid peaceful on the gory floor
and went for an endless sleep

© 2011 TheUnforgivinFallenAngel

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I think I liked the other ending better, since she lived, but this one was good, too...more tragic.

"Her tears had stop" should be "Her tears had stopped." Also, do you mean "dagger" instead of "dragger"?

Posted 8 Years Ago

This is a very long poem. But nonetheless simply exquisite!

Posted 8 Years Ago

sounds a little like a dark version of sleeping beauty, yet entirely different. wait, that made no sense xD well done, anyway - a beautiful piece :)

Posted 8 Years Ago

thats my dream

Posted 8 Years Ago

A beautiful piece and an excellent twist to the "perfect fairytale life".

Posted 8 Years Ago

So magical and emotional, I enjoyed reading this. Very nice. Just like a storybook.

Posted 8 Years Ago

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Added on April 25, 2011
Last Updated on April 25, 2011

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