Displayed Protection- Beyond Insight

Displayed Protection- Beyond Insight

A Story by ClockTowerKeeper

Teddy Bears aren't only known for protecting children from nightmares. When you pass any sort of display. Take a second and show incentive. Little did you know- It's more then a mere show case.


Even though he feared-

No, his senses shown no recollection of any emotion.

His features, smooth and pale. It glistened in the moon's scattered rays.

This dimly lite room, was mocking. It being only for show among those who peered in through the dusted panes.

This room was a prison. His face was the spetical everyone came to see.

What they've seen, is something any sane person would shutter from.

But turning back-

Looking away was a luxury no one could afford once noticing this young man plight.


Upon his shoulders graced a crimson coat. Shined to the nines golden buttons perfectly aligned the left side of the opening, with there corresponding slits laid in wait.

To bad the coat was never made to be fasten.

Adorned his head, a top hat. A single satin red ribbon hugged its circumference. A four leaf clover poking out the right side.

His chestnut hair tousled and his honey eyes stared blankly back at whomever dared to give eye contact.

His black slacks having indentations where he sat in a chair, his legs crossed elegantly as his hands were folded casually in his lap.

His shoes graced the reflections of the moon. It being polished profusely. In fact, the can and cloth lay on a somewhat disheveled shelf to the left of the boy.

On the shelf, laid carvers and painters detailing tools. Scattered wooded doll like limbs and marionette holsters placed around precariously.

Patrons who looked in on this tiny room where the boy sat often gasped at the details this room be fitted.

The walls were a chilled shade of soft blue. The floors panels were worn from pathways the boy often took whenever he left his chair. His room having no bed and a single oil lamp placed on his work bench. Various pieces of wood. A tripod and Polaroid camera place in a diagonal corner. It's lenses always pointed in the directions were patrons would been seen peering in.

On his walls in elegant framing laid master pieces of art.

From Leonardo Da Vinci's Mona Lisa,

Van Gogh Starry Night,

Works of the ever famous The Raven,

To a colour faded embroidered rug of k-nines playing rummy.

Somehow this room seemed to fit the boys appearance.

Both depression, madness and a hint of profound clockwork of his elusive genius.

But he was to be used as a show. Nothing more.

He could only allow his mind to wonder during closing hours.

In a world, where artful genius is considered a commodity.

Cheap entertainment..

But somehow, he induced these paying customers into some form of fitted depression. It never failed.

Like some trance his eyes played a mirror. When people dared to glance into it. They swear to have seen their souls.

Some quaked where they stood.

Others sobbed hysterically. Reporting to have seen demonic animals and undead relatives. These animals would growl and lash. Relatives would stare back shaking their heads In shame.

Only when this happens would the boy blink dissipating the images. Soon after people would fall to there knees, admiring the young man and thanking him.

On rare occasions would customers come back after hours. Where they'd find the young man still perched in his seat in the center of the room. They'd offer to take the young man out of this little wooden room and allow him to stay with them and their families.

Some even pleaded. Saying things along the lines of someone as unique as him shouldn't be used like a staged animal.

But the boy stayed where he sat. Unmoving, like he's done many offers before. And like many before them. They'd give up and leave. Only to return every now and then, checking up on the young boy. Some even brought him more materials and film.

Over the years this unmoving boy gotten more friends, fans, suppose family and materials. His shelves getting more filled and his room becoming more sustainable for natural living.


One day one of the rare shadowed owners came walking by.

The very embodiment of the seven sins. His many chins discolored and wobbling with every waddle of his mis-matched steps. He bellowed more tobacco smoke then your standard London chimney as he inhaled his flavored Cuban cigar. His suit a decadence of his flamboyant wealth.

As he walked through the group of spectators, he grabs a very large silver ring from his suits pocket. Latch on the ring layed many variations of keys all in the hues of silver and brass.

The group of people watch with curiosity, all eyes glued to the crate this man had clasped under his arm. The man cleared his throat, bringing forth attention to his glutton filled features. He flashed a show cased grin that was perfected long ago.

Readjusting the crate he flips through the keys, finding one that was different from the others. This, a brass key with bold silver outlines.

He wriggled his brow in anticipation tore the group as he unlocks the only door that led to the young boys room. Everyone gasped as he stepped inside the wood ward room. He calmly shuts the door as whispers erupted on the others side. All patrons begin to now, if possible, crowd the display window. All wanting to get a view of what's about to take place.

As they settled down, all their faces paled. The putrid man's face held a grin of malicious tore the young boy. Though the boy stayed unmoving. Not giving it any attention. He walks tore the boys work place. The floor boards groaning with the weight. Pushing aside unfinished projects, some materials falling to the floor. He sets the crate down and flips the lid open taking out several oddly colored ink pots and qual pens. Then he walks over to the rooms back walls, taking down the boys decorative pictures. He walks to the bookshelf and grabs four slates of full body mirrors from behind. Leaning them in the spot the pictures once hung.

The man walks over to the front of the room where the large bay window resided. He turns his back, blocking the view from the group on the other side. He scowled grumbling. He lets out an exasperated whistle.

The boys dulled eyes darted to the man. Shining with recognition. He quickly stands and takes his hat off, bowing.

He stood straight placing the hat back in its rightful place and walks tore the mirrors. His fluent grace was eerie and always put this man on edge.

The boy walk tore the mirrors and adjusted them slightly. He then walked over to his work bench and grabbed the scroll of paper from the crate. Turning swiftly he walks tore the front of the man. Taking off his hat and bowing respectfully. The man jumped, stumbling out his way. The window now being unblocked the patrons that stood to watch all gasped, seeing the young boy for what seems to be the first time, walk about.

Most women blushed, now seeing his features up close and most men became flustered with envy.

The young boy bowed once more and began hanging up the script.

The other man stumbled out the room, locking the door. The audience all raised a brow at his actions as he pulled a lever, causing a tarp to flutter around him and his customers. Many people squirmed at the surprise of being shrouded in sudden darkness. But before many could react with fright a light suddenly appeared. Everyone's attention snapped back tore the bay window. They peer through the panes. There they see the young man having turned on the Polaroid, adjusting the tripod to aim at the close right body mirror. The beams reflected and ricochet to the neighboring mirrors before finally shooting to the script and projecting outward through the bay window. The group gaped awed and confused. The image protected itself to the back of the tarp, covering the whole backside.

The portly man gestured for the group to sit.

The group does so, facing the makeshift screen.

The young boy, now continuing with the nod of approval from the sinful man- grabs the ink wells and allows the projected light to illuminate the jars. The ink glows a deep green as the pale white light follows in suit. The young man takes several qual pens and places the tips into the satin ribbon on his hat. Making sure they fit firmly before walking over to the script. He glances to the screen to make sure everything was in place. He realizes the group were watching him intently, instead of at the screen. He dips his head slightly, gesturing for them to re-focus their attention back to the screen.

They do so, after a few murmurs in surprise. The portly man fidgets impatiently as the young boy pulls a qual pen from his hat and dips it in the pot. He starts writing in elegant aristocrats style lettering. The patrons gasp. Seeing his writing was some how being projected to the back on the screen, in deep green colors that glistened with specks of gold.

Do you know why the cage bird sings?

Suddenly, as soon as he has written these words, they fly off the screen. Molding into a bird being coerced into a cage.

Or why young ones fear the rain?

He writes once more the green lettering leaving the page and performs a scene of a young boy, having been left alone in the rain. Curled up as lightening errupted the sky.

Those who gain courage for their sense of protecting who one cares for most.

This scene is of a boy slumbering in bed. One window displaying the chaos of rain outside as he curls more into his covers. Suddenly, the image zooms into the boys form, showing the young boy clutching a stoic teddy bear with mix match patches through out its body. Lightening glistening once more. Showering the room in an explosion of light. Shadows splayed against the boys walls. You can see the etchings of the boys form along with the bed.

Soon thundered boomed as the boy unconsciously starts to tremble, curling closer to the bear. Lightening rounded once more but this time, the shadows were no longer of the boy or his bed.. But of the boy projected nightmares and fears.

A soft spoken yelp left the boys lips as his teddy bear seems to animate. It still stoic as it wriggles from the boys grasp.

The horrid shadows seemed to dance in amusement at the boys ignorance of they're arrival. They bear finally freed from the boys glutches, seemed to have energy coming off him. The shadows cackled giving off an absurd emotion. Thunder boomed once more as the boy quakes beneath the sheets. These dark beings grinned, yellow jagged teeth shone brightly.

The not so stoic bear's brow dipped. Giving off a furious and determined expression. It's energy swirled around it. He lifted his plush paw as energy swirled around it forming a sword. The shadows growled getting ready for what's next.

The obvious reason as to why the cage bird sings, is for hope of one day leaving its prison.

The young man scrawled on. The words forming into the last scene before the bears battle.

The caged bird does not sing for hope. But for triumph.

The words formed a gory scene of shadows dismemberment splayed throughout the room. Pieces of stuffing here and there in clumps. The bear heaving from battle. Grinning brightly as the young boy slept peacefully. It walks around picking up the white fluff as lightening showered the room in brightness as it takes the unmoving shadows with it. Leaving the room, almost back to normal. The bear starts patching up the gashes it received from the fight. Sewing up its self with any miscellaneous scraps of fabric it could find.

The cage bird sings with glee. Knowing it's sacrifice is adamant in protecting the ones it cares for most.

The words swirled about. Showing the young boy, stirring from his slumber as the suns rays shined through the window. The boy grabs his worn bear and places it on a shelf.

The bird is caged because it's the sacrifice it had to take. It sings to remind people it's choosen this life and is wanting others to be happy. Not depressed.

The letters formed in script:

Several Years Later

The image shown the bear submerged in darkness. Then light suddenly showered it. There it showed the bear was in a box along with other time riddled toys and trinkets, blanketed with a thick layer of dust.

A hand shot down grabbing the bear. The scene now showing a young man with little boy like features.

The same young boy from the previous scenes, but obviously aged quite a bit.

The bear stayed limp and stoic as this young man brushed the layer of dust away.

What others fail to understand, is sacrifices stay with you. Someone has to be the one to do it. The outcome will never change, otherwise.

This message was different. This lettering turned silver as it flown above the crowd. The energy swirled into a ball. I micro piece shot by, the young man, his clover turning into a Jack of Hearts.

The energy flashed green once more. Showing another part of the story.

Darkness, then a strip of light that slowly grew. Showing the light coming from a doorway being opened. There stood a silhouette of the young man clutching the bear. Carefully entering the room.

He tip toed tore the bed where a young girl slumbers. A window displaying the chaos of the outside world..


Suddenly, the images stopped. Darkness showered the room as the group started in a frenzy. The sudden hum of the Polaroid caught the attention of the frighten spectators as its light cuts back on. But the light shuttered, blinking about quickly, leaving people disoriented in the rays.

It suddenly toppled over the loud shatter caused the people to shriek, as simultaneously the tarp suddenly flown off. Moon rays showered the people, causing a calming effect. One on looker yells to gain attention, pointing at the room where the boy once stood. Everyone gasped at the cluttered mess.

The ink wells were shattered as pull of green liquid splattered about, leaving behind strikes and a single set of sporadic foot steps. Wood was everywhere in a splintering mess and the oil lamp hanging off the desk.

A huge rumble of the ground cause the people to loose their footing as the lamp fell, shattering. Setting the ink ablaze. People crawled back in fear as a blood curdling screech erupted.

There stood the portly man, In the middle of a gaping hole that lead to the outside. Grinning with madness. He grew several feet in size, his suit torn in several places. He bit down on his cigar causing it to snap in half. As It fell to the ground the people's site followed only for their eyes to grow wide and back up in horror.

Under the man elongated foot, the leather shoe torn in the same matter as his suit. Layed the young boy. His hands on the rim of the shoe holding it from landing a heavy blow.

The people in horror yelled in a questioning matter. Pleads to let the boy go were yelled at random. Suddenly the cackling man was thrown on his back. The young boy succeeded in throwing the man's foot back. He stood up, tossing his hat and coat away. There the patrons stood frozen.

The young man's coat hid, very important details of the boy.

His shirt was covered in mix matched patches, and new tears. But it was underneath the shirt people gawked at. The boys limbs were made of wood. Wood that had elegant carvings swirled about. But had various nicks and scratches that interrupted the patterns.

The people stood silent as a low guttural snarl echoed. The boy stood there. His honey eyes making contact with each and every person's irises.

One single message was all that played in the mirrors..

The man placed to teddy bear next to the girl. The little girl instantly hugging it close to her torso.

The scene changed.

The teddy bear was fighting another nightmare. His sword being knocked away. The bear's energy flown fiercely shoving the ghouls back. But before it was at a safe distance away from the creature. A ghoul shredded the bears left arm. It becoming lopped off entirely.

The scene takes an abrupt stop. A grotesque hand yanks the boy by the back of his shirt. The people jump, blinking out of the somewhat trance. Looking up they notice the boy being held at arms length, the man giving him a smug glare.

The boy's brow dipped. His expression went from stoic to protective. His eyes snapping to the frighten crowd. He kicks the man in the ribbs, flipping backward out of the man grip. Green energy swirled fiercely around the boy. His hair flailing. The sinful man backed away in fear. He growled charging for the crowd. The boy quickly jumped, landing in front of the crowd. Green energy swirling ever more. His orbs shone triumph. He held up his gloved hand. Energy swims around it, forming a sword.

The man lunged at him. But the boy shoved him back using the energy as leverage. He managed to shove the man outside. He continually shoved him away from the group.

The man screamed in annoyance and grabbed the boys leg. Flinging him into the clearing.

To show people it is happy with the life it's choosen.

The young boy groaned staggering to stand up. Hearing multiple whimpers his head snaps up, seeing the crowd being cornered. He runs full stride jumping forcefully into the small of the gluttens back. The power from it making him fall full force- gut first to the ground.

He positions his sword and lounges it into the gluttons heart.

To protect the ones they care for most.

Dark energy dispersed. Drifting to the air. The boy falls forward green energy envelopes him.

The group rushes tore the boy, helping him up. But the boy shoves them away. The group appalled back up. Several people come up and hands the boy his coat and top hat.

Sacrificing whatever it takes, while also trying to show the understanding of the importance-

He glares tore the sky, seeing the dark energy shoot out in several directions. With a heavy sigh, the boy heads back to the room and picks up the chair.

This is why the cage bird sings it's tune. To show not the hope of escaping-

Even though he fought and triumphed-

No, his senses shown no recollection of any emotion.

His features, smooth but flushed. It glistened in the moon's scattered rays.

This dimly lite room, was mocking. It being only for show among those who peered in through the dusted, dingy, panes.

But to give others the peace of mind of its acceptance and its choice.

Upon his shoulders graced a crimson coat. Shined to the nines golden buttons perfectly aligned the left side of the opening, with there corresponding slits laid in wait.

To bad the coat was never made to be fasten.

Adorned his head, a top hat. A single satin red ribbon hugged its circumference. A Jack of Hearts poking out the right side.

His chestnut hair tousled and his honey eyes stared blankly back at whomever dared to give eye contact.

His some what black slacks having earthy stains, had indentations where he sat in a chair, his legs crossed elegantly as his hands were folded casually in his lap.

His shoes smudged and scattered the reflections of the moon. It being polished hardly.

In fact, the can exploded at some point and cloth lay crisped, some where in the room.

The shelf looked deformed and brittle. Some shelves have fallen through or were snapped in half, thrown across the room. Leaving pieces of splintered wood and objects that where place there to have fallen on shelves below or shattered on the on the floor and walls.

Darkened carvers and melted pieces of metal clumped together, having been fused with the wood. Scattered piles of embers and ashes strone about.

Patrons who looked in on this tiny room where the boy sat often gasped at the details this room be fitted.

The cage bird sings in celebration of happiness and safety of those they care for.

A window displaying the chaos of the outside world..

© 2014 ClockTowerKeeper

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Added on September 8, 2014
Last Updated on September 28, 2014
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