The Cry of ‘She!’- A Smile Indeed!

The Cry of ‘She!’- A Smile Indeed!

A Poem by The Winter Poet

"This is for all women who've been abused, hope's a candle and light's just a smile away!"

She looks up to the sky,
The dark Mehandi enriched on a palm.
On her cheek sat a fly,
A sweeping wind to rest and calm!

The only daughter
to a smiling mother,
The Diyas to light the eve!
In debt would be a Father,
A bride soon to take his leave.

She looks up to the empty sky,
Shades of grey and yes! Ears are deaf!!?
If life could breathe a try,
She’ll paint a picture in a colorful shelf? Yes!

Her dreams are met in a man’s bed,
            Asleep was she in an earthly pled?
She said, ‘leave me please, I’m already dead.’
He said, ‘was that not what your father said when we wed?’

The word dowry in itself is a curse,
It’s just lusty men to find  a woman’s purse.
If life can play cards in reverse,
Breathe for a woman and then rehearse!

What’s a woman without a man?
If a man could speak for a woman!
Which in hell he seldom can,
And that’s how ‘SHE’ smiled as the men ran!
Her breath will breathe and yes it will,
            A girl to a woman is free to be!
Smile for God and her windmill,
‘She’ is indeed a plant with a tree.
                        And yea she gives life for FREE!’
and ‘SHE’ is a blessing indeed..!!!!

© 2016 The Winter Poet

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Added on June 7, 2016
Last Updated on June 7, 2016


The Winter Poet
The Winter Poet

Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

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