9 months

9 months

A Story by Joseph Clohessy

entry for the Best very short story! *Horror* contest

"Where are you taking me?" The words sounded weak through the medication. Agony exploded in my abdomen, cutting through the sedative bliss as I was wheeled out of the maternity ward. For 9 months nothing more than slight discomfort and now this?!

I thought I was blessed, I hadn't gone for the check ups after the confirmation that I was pregnant, it hadn't seemed necessary. For 9 months, I just glided through life, not a care in the world, almost like I was sedated.

New pain, a tearing sensation, like something ripping inside me, causes another wail of agony. Through the red-tinted haze of pain I grab one of the orderlies by his arm. "My baby," I plead "is my baby alright?" I see sheer terror in his eyes as he glances towards my stomach. "Lady," his voice is cracked, on the verge of panic "that's no baby!" Following his gaze I start to scream, as I see something push the skin of my belly out from the inside, and all I can think is: 9 months, 9 months.

© 2013 Joseph Clohessy

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There is no greater horror than that of something alien or unnatural living inside our own skin.
The only issue that I have to report is the change in tense from the first to last paragraph, but it is easily fixed!

This is the kind of writing that stays in your head and lets you draw your own conclusions. Like how did it happen? What is it? What is going to happen? I believe everyone will have different answers to these questions.

Posted 10 Years Ago

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Added on April 6, 2013
Last Updated on April 10, 2013


Joseph Clohessy
Joseph Clohessy

Edam, Noord Holland, Netherlands

Hey, I'm Joseph. Born in Ireland but living in Holland. I spent most of my time either reading, watching well written shows, listening to music or writing. Though to be honest most of my writing seems.. more..