A Story by Joseph Clohessy

I wake with a start and slowly become aware of my surrounding. It is dark,very dark. After several seconds I nottice a dim strip of light to my right, a door. I try to sit up but find I am restrained, tied down to what feels like a bed. How did I come here?

My mind is hazy, like I've been heavily drinking, passed out and only now woke up. Sluggish thoughts enter my head, faint memories of red hair and tantalizing perfume. A woman? Why can't I remember anything? Slowly my eyes become accustomed to the darkness, I can make out some shapes in the room. Something that looks like a wardrobe to my left, and what must be a mirror at my feet. Faintly I can make out my form in the reflection. I'm tied down spread eagle, my hands and feet tied to the posts of the bed I lay on. At least there is no pain, just a faint discomfort from being held down in this position.

How long have I lain here? I give up, at least momentarily, to try and force memories to come back, instead testing the strenght of my bonds. No give, who ever did this knew what they were doing. At least my head is not restrained so I can glance around and try to make out more of my surroundings. The bed I lay on is old, very old and well used. I lie in a groove in the matras which is stained with something dark. The ceiling over my head is hard to make out. I must not be as used to this gloom as I thought, there seems to be movement up there. Maybe it's just my mind playing tricks on me.

The walls seem to have murals on them, I can make out vague human shapes in acts of devotion to what seems to be some gigantic form. What is this place? I become aware of a faint sound, like a chittering. It seems to be coming from above me, the ceiling. The room seems old and decrepit enough to be invested with all kinds of vermin, maybe there's rats between the floors.

Footsteps from behind the door break me out of my musings. Someone is coming. A sense of dread comes over me as I test my bonds once more. Still no give, same as the first time I tried. A key starts turning in the lock, strangely loud in my ears. Did that chitering noise just become louder? More agitated? The door opens slowly and then I see her. Standing in the light of the doorway I see she's magnificent, statuesque. Her long flowing red hair like a corona of flame around her head. Only then do I notice what she is holding in her right hand. It's a rather vicious looking knife, no more like a dagger. I notice the look on her face, predatory, with a lust for blood in her eyes. Frantic I try to break my bonds again. As I do I look at the ceiling, the light from the door illuminating the whole room now. As I finally see what was there all along, I scream. I scream.

© 2011 Joseph Clohessy

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you did a very nice job on this story. :)

Posted 10 Years Ago

Joseph Clohessy

10 Years Ago

Thank you ;)
Marvelous! I love the 'leave you hanging' ending.

Posted 12 Years Ago

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Added on January 27, 2011
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Joseph Clohessy
Joseph Clohessy

Edam, Noord Holland, Netherlands

Hey, I'm Joseph. Born in Ireland but living in Holland. I spent most of my time either reading, watching well written shows, listening to music or writing. Though to be honest most of my writing seems.. more..


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