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Don't Forget Me Yet

Don't Forget Me Yet

A Poem by Elvy-decoo

What you feel when you miss something you know shouldn't have ended

Hey there princess
Let me gain access
Talk to you a little, let go of this distress
And I promise it's in your best interest
You know when I said I love you? It's grown with interests

It's so sad to see you walk away
Watch the feelings leave me in dismay
I want to send you a letter
Hope it makes things better

Maybe you question if I love you
And it's sad that you do
Because I even have nightmares all about you
And that's the truth

And when I wake from the heart ache
I look up at the stars
See the moons and even she knows I love you
She can feel it
And it's not a bit

It's impossible to forget you
It's impossible to remember you walking far from me
It was like love after a moment
All that was left was a moan and to groan it

Did you already forget me
Let me know, I know I'll walk away with my eyes watery
Because in my heart I know it's meant to be

Remember when I said you were my soul mate
I meant that more than anything
But maybe this love led you to someone else's arms
Because tears rain like the tears in your eyes as you become someone else's mine

Meaning you're theirs and never to be mine
I wish you the best and that's the truth
But I can't live without you
Atleast I'm trying to
But maybe you can't too

I look at her and I see your beautiful eyes
Then I get teary remembering your goodbyes
I can't feel myself
What's left?

In a week I felt things I never felt before
It hit me right at my core
I even imagined our future kids
Do you remember Isabella nova
Or you getting on over

Her being as beautiful as her mom
Us agreeing to having the most beautiful kids
And I know it's early but these feeling don't dismiss
Please... I'm asking nicely

She was gonna be daddies little princess and you my queen
It's just how it's always been
I miss you so much
Like a cigarette addict
Trying to let go of the dutch
Our friendship so beautiful like starsky and hutch

Goddamn it baby
I miss your good mornings
And our late evenings
Staying up just to say goodnight
And even I love you more
Than anything you could buy at the store
F**k my core
This love was the equivalent of a heart times 4

But I feel so alone
So done
Like a zombie walking this earth
Like what was i even doing at birth

What's the reasoning if I can't have you
If all I feel is suffering
And if I talk to you like I'm bothering
I know that you don't know what it's like to be happy
But I want to be out of your darkness
I can't stop thinking about you
Where's my baby girl?

My queen who made me feel alive
Like life was abundant and I could thrive
I would of hit your face, with kisses
And twitches as I would call you my misses
Yo te amo
I love you
I trusted you

© 2016 Elvy-decoo

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Added on April 4, 2016
Last Updated on April 4, 2016
Tags: Love, her, heart, mine, dream, stars, moon, sky, kisses, I, need, miss, misses, ended, where, she, my, life, crazy



Newark, NJ

I am a college student who writes poetry when I feel a certain way. My poems reflect an image of life and describe pure love for those who can understand them. more..

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