The Witch in the Cave

The Witch in the Cave

A Story by Jcortz3

Two hikers are walking in a forest until they stumbled upon a big cave which supposedly is inhabited by a witch

One evening, two hikers named Mark and Johnny were walking in a forest.They walked down a big hill and were now tired so they sat near a lake."Phew I am so exhausted from walking down the hill" said Mark.Johnny nodded and grabbed his water bottle and gulped down most of it and he then tried to catch his breath.They then looked in the lake and saw many fishes and frogs in the water.They also saw many insects around them such as dragonflies and banana slugs.Johnny looked up and saw the bright orange sky and let out a deep breath."This is so relaxing" he said.He continued to look up at the sky and saw a black object flying above them heading towards the west."Hey what is that? " asked Johnny.Mark looked up and also saw the black object and stated that it might just be a crow. "Looks to big to be a crow"said Johnny.Mark shrugged.
After a few minutes of relaxing near the lake they got up and headed left towards the cluster of trees.They then talked for a bit until he saw squirrels running towards them scared.They were both surprised to see this as usually squirrels run away from humans not towards them.They then assumed that they were just running away from a predator like a snake so they continued walking.They walked a bit more but stopped when Johnny and Mark heard a crunch.Johnny stepped back and saw that he stepped on bones.They both looked at each other but Mark pointed out that it might be moose bones as it was almost winter and the bears were hunting more.So they continued walking.After walking for several minutes they saw in the distance a large cave."Hey let's go cave exploring" said Mark as he got his flashlight.Johnny nodded and they both went walking towards the cave.However after a bit,Johnny noticed that the trees looked deader and deader as they got more closer to the cave which made him nervous.
They finally got to the cave and noticed that there were no trees surrounding it.They then went inside the cave and looked around.They noticed that the cave was much bigger in the inside. "Eh it's not that dark in here"said Mark as he put his flashlight away and continued exploring.On the cave's ceiling they noticed that there were many bats.They quietly tiptoed and tried to not make a sound.They continued deeper in the cave and noticed that were was less light so they took out their flashlights again.They walked a bit more until Mark and Johnny heard a noise behind them.Mark turned his flashlight behind them and saw nothing.However that noise woke up the bats.Mark and Johnny both looked up and saw the bats were now flying towards them.They both gasped and ran straight.They continued running until they saw the cave exit.Once they were about to leave the cave all the bats have left the cave and were now outside.They both stopped and catch their breath.
Once they catch their breath they heard a laugh behind them and looked back but saw nothing.They heard another laugh behind them again and again saw nothing.They both looked scared.Suddenly a witch on a broom swooped from the other side of the cave exit with her claws out stretched.Her claws sanked into the back of Johnny's head.Johnny screamed as he was hoisted onto the broom with the witch's claw still on the back of his head.Mark screamed and tried to run back but suddenly rocks fell and blocked the entrance.The witch laughed and licked Johnny's bleeding head.Johnny was still screaming in pain."Oh shut up" yelled the witch as she stabbed three claws into Johnny's eyes and nose.Mark screamed as he saw his friend's blood trickling down the broom and onto the floor."I'm going to eat him and as for you..."She left the cave and cast a spell and summoned a big boulder and blocked the cave exit. Mark cried and heard the witch's laugh behind the giant boulder.
Weeks later a group of cave explorers were exploring the same cave.They used jackhammers to break open the giant boulder.Once they removed the boulder they peeked inside the cave and saw the decomposed body of Mark

© 2017 Jcortz3

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Also My book zombilifornia will be completed as soon as possible.

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Added on August 11, 2017
Last Updated on August 16, 2017
Tags: horror, witch, witchcraft, scary, supernatural, hiking, spooky, gore



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