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As I was looking out the window I saw that my parents have arrived from the store.They both got of the van and my dad was opening the trunk.My parents then grabbed an object that looked like a mirror.Really they bought that old thing I thought to myself.I got up and opened the door as they brought the mirror.
"Do you like it honey ?" my mom asked. "What it's old and it has scratches everywhere !" I exclaimed."Oh don't worry I will fix the glass" my dad said.My parents then grabbed the mirror and moved it to my room.
I sat in my room thinking how I was supposed to put my make up on with all those scratches on the mirror. "Ugh curse my brother for breaking my old mirror !" I yelled.I grabbed my phone and watched videos on YouTube.I was watching a funny video and I was laughing really hard.Then once the video ended I heard scratching noises.I looked around trying to find the source of the sound.I then looked at the window thinking it was the branches but then I remembered my dad had cut them yesterday.Then the scratching noises grew louder.I then thought it was coming from the mirror.I got up and looked.
In the mirror I saw my reflection and the scratches on the mirror.I shrugged and thought that it was probably the rats in the wall that were making the noises.I then proceeded to go back to my bed until I heard a really ear aching noise that sounded like someone was scratching glass with sharp nails.I looked back and saw a new scratch on the mirror that was not there before.
I continued to look and noticed my reflection moved slightly different than me.I shrugged it off as just as eye trick.However I then looked closer at the mirror and saw that there were faces forming in the mirror.The faces looked like they were screaming for help.I was frightened by this and took a step back but I then saw my reflection looked straight back at me and I saw that her hand was reaching towards me like it was trying to grab me.I took another step back and saw that the reflection was out of the mirror.I screamed and tried to run away but the reflection tackled me and dragged me towards the mirror. "Mom help me please!" I screamed frantically. I looked back and saw the faces on the mirror were now moving and I heard muffled screams.I let out one last scream before I was completely inside the mirror.
"I'm here honey what happened?" said the mom.She looked up and saw the mirror.In the mirror she saw a reflection of her daughter screaming and scratching the mirror before vanishing.

© 2017 Jcortz3

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Added on August 11, 2017
Last Updated on August 16, 2017
Tags: horror, scary, reflection, furniture, paranormal, supernatural, demon, portal



San Pablo, CA

I have returned and this time I am writing a novel. It's still in progress but I hope you enjoy it! more..

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A Chapter by Jcortz3