Ch 3: The Trip

Ch 3: The Trip

A Chapter by Jcortz3

Mike and Dan set off to go visit the theme park

The two friends arrived at Dan's house. Dan got his keys out and opened the door. They entered and Dan went into his room while Mike sat down on the couch and waited for him. Dan put his new book on the shelf and grabbed his small camera. He then went back to Mike. 
"Really we came back here just to grab your camera ?" Mike asked. Dan nodded. Mike rolled his eyes and sighed. "Well I found out that the park is about one hour away from our location" said Mike as he held up the phone to show Dan. 
"It's crazy, that park is close by but I never heard of it" said Dan. 
"Yeah let's look up some pictures of it" said Mike. He clicked on the images tab but when it was loading the phone turned off. "Shoot well at least I brought my car charger, come on let's go."
They both left the house and Dan locked the door. They both got into the car and drove off. Once on the highway, Mike plugged his phone into the car charger. "I could have sworn it was already on full battery" Mike said. 
While Mike's phone was charging, Dan looked up directions for the park on his phone. He then put it on GPS mode and they followed the directions. After they got off the highway they were led to some neighborhoods by the phone. "That's weird why is it sending us to a neighborhood ?" Mike asked.
"Yeah weird but apparently it says that it's the fastest route" said Dan. Dan looked out the car window and noticed the houses were big and he had never seen them before. "Hey Mike have you ever passed by this neighborhood before ?"
"No that's the weird part I drive a lot and I never passed by this neighborhood."
They continued to go straight for a while now and there were still an abundance of houses on each side of the road and they all looked the same. Dan looked at the phone and it read 25 minutes until you reach your destination. As they continue to go straight Dan was almost following asleep until the phone said "turn right" very loudly which startled them. 
"It finally said something" Mike said. 
"Yup" said Dan as he lowered the volume on his phone. 
Just as Mike was about to turn, Dan noticed that none of the houses had cars or people they look empty. When Mike turned they found themselves going uphill. "Turn left" said the phone. After he turned again they noticed that they were no houses and there were just trees.
"A nice change of scenery" said Mike. Dan looked at his phone and it read 5 minutes. As they continued to go forward they noticed that the amount of trees and bushes started to get more and more dense. They saw that the branches of the trees started to touch the car. Some trees even look like they were about to fall over. 
After 5 minutes of driving in the forest they reached their destination.

© 2018 Jcortz3

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Added on July 3, 2018
Last Updated on August 26, 2018
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I have returned and this time I am writing a novel. It's still in progress but I hope you enjoy it! more..

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