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A Killer in the Forest

A Killer in the Forest

A Story by Jcortz3

Four friends: Ronald,Luke,Bob and Sally have decided to go camping this summer in the local forest. It was a dark night and it was around midnight.Ronald was sitting by himself near the campfire. He heard footsteps coming from behind him. He looked behind and saw his friend Luke walking towards him. "Why are you here ?" Ronald asked.
"Why do you think i'm here I can't sleep those lovebirds are having loud sex in the cabin still." said Luke. 
"Than why did you invite them if you know they will be annoying ?" asked Ronald.
"I don't know but I regret it". said Luke.
Just then they heard a loud banging noise and screams coming from the cabin. "Must be some very nice sex than " said Ronald. Luke laughed as he grabbed a marshmallow from the bag. "So what do we have plan tomorrow ?" asked Ronald.
"I don't know I was thinking about just walking towards the water fall and see if we can find any deer and then maybe shoot some targets together" said Luke. Just then they heard some rustling in the bushes behind them. They turned around and saw nothing. 
"Well that seems like a nice idea and we should do it without the lovebirds they already had fun" Ronald said.
Luke laughed "True". They heard footsteps coming closer to the campfire. "Go back to having sex Bob leave us alone !" Luke yelled. He then proceeded to throw a rock blindly at the dark towards the direction of the footsteps. "We know it's you, you lunatic go back to bed !". He threw another rock at the darkness but this time they heard it hit something. Suddenly from out of the darkness, a big muscular figure with a potato sack mask appeared. In his right hand, he had a large bloody knife and in the other hand he had the head of Bob. 
The two friends screamed and ran. The killer dropped the head on the fire. The two friends ran towards the car but it was in the parking lot which was quite a distance. They looked behind and saw that the killer was right behind them even though he wasn't running. They made it to the dense part of the forest.
There were a lot of roots and barely any clearing. They had trouble maneuvering around the roots. Eventually Luke tripped over a root and fell. "Help !" Luke yelled. Ronald turned around and saw that Luke's foot was twisted between roots and the killer was right on top of him. 
Ronald cried out "I'm sorry Luke!" and continued to run towards the car. He heard Luke yell and heard the knife cutting through skin. Ronald couldn't see very well with tears in his eyes. Eventually he made out into the clearing and found his car in the lot.
He quickly got in and tried to start it. However it wouldn't start up and he tried several times but it didn't start. He sighed but suddenly he heard a bang on his side window. The killer was banging on his window with his huge elbow. He broke in and swung his knife towards Ronald but Ronald was already on the passenger seat. The killer reached down the door and opened it. The killer then tried to stab at Ronald but he fell out of the car on the other side. 
Ronald got up as quickly as he could but the killer already reached him. He tried to fight him off but the killer quickly stabbed him in the chest and to this day the killer has never been found.
"That was a very cliche story so boring" said Jordan. 
"Yeah I asked for a scary camp story not a summary of all the cliches found in "Friday the 13th" said George.
"How's it cliche ?" said Josh.
"Well there was sex in it, character trips over nothing, car not starting and a rushed ending also it sounds so fake and not scary" said Jordan.
"Well the story was real" said Josh as he pulled out a big bloody knife and a potato sack mask.

© 2018 Jcortz3

Author's Note

Please review it, (Ch 3 of Abandoned theme park is coming soon)

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Added on July 13, 2018
Last Updated on July 13, 2018
Tags: forest, camp, killer, story, scary, bloody, woods, friends



San Pablo, CA

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