Ch 4: Exploring the Park

Ch 4: Exploring the Park

A Chapter by Jcortz3

The two friends explore the park

They parked their car in front of an old looking gate. They sat there confused. The parking lot was empty and the concrete was all broken. There was nobody else there and the ticket booths were empty and falling apart. It was just quiet and dark. "Wait why is it so empty and abandoned, isn't it open today? " asked Dan. 
"Its not just that it looks like it hasn't been used in years" said Mike.
They got out of the car and looked around. "Well at least my pictures will be more interesting" said Dan. They looked up and saw the rotting entrance of the park. The paint of the red canopy was chipping away and now looked more gray. The golden letters on top were now full of rust and some of the letters looked like they were about to collapse. They walked forward towards the vine infested ticket booths. The windows were all broken and inside of them was nothing but dust, shards and graffiti. The other booth had a single chair with a dirty old pink teddy bear with no eyes. They both got the chills. "Hey look on the bright side it's free" said Dan jokingly. Mike nodded slowly with an unsure grin. 

"So what are we gonna do here, just take pictures ?" asked Mike. 
"Yeah and look around, its abandoned so we could find old creepy rides said Dan as he hopped over the old creaky metal gate barrier. Right in front of them was an oval shaped hole with a fence around it. The two friends looked inside and saw that it used to be a fountain except no water and a bunch of mold and branches in it. "Huh I wonder if they drained it or it just evaporated "said Dan. They decided to go left where an old roller coaster stood. The teens stared at the chipped blue tracks and how vines and bushes grew all around it. They then noticed that the little shed canopy that housed the roller coaster car was collapsed. The car itself was not crushed but it was all rusty and yellow. The front side of the car had a face that resembled a bee but now looked all distorted. The eyes were no longer there and the mouth was just white. The face around it was chipped. They looked in disgust but Dan took a picture of it either way. They continued on wards in the same direction. However they noticed that in one of the car's seats there was a small teddy bear in it. Dan took a picture of it.

"I'm telling you man this place is giving me the creeps even though it's still the afternoon said Mike.  
"Yeah i'm getting chills too but what i'm wondering is if the park is abandoned, why was it still listed and why could we find on Google Maps and it said it was opened ?" asked Dan.
"Hmm you're right now i'm very suspicious" said Mike. 

Up ahead they saw an arcade. They were standing right in front of it. The building was full of graffiti and was badly damaged. The roof was caved in at one angle and the big letters that said the word "ARCADE" were all broken and some of the bulbs were missing. The entrance door was shattered and what was left was just the black frames of it. They went inside the arcade and found that it was dark but still were able to see due to the outside light. All around them were arcade cabinets, pinball machines, skee ball machines and basketball hoop games. In the center of the room were table games such as air hockey and table soccer. They looked around the dimly light room  and saw that some of the machines were all broken. The walls of the building were all filled with graffiti. Mike looked at the back of the room and saw that there was the gift shop. In there was toppled over cash registers and prizes everywhere on the floor. Mike called Dan over while he was busy taking pictures of everything. "I wonder why this park was abandoned I mean they had a cool arcade that had a lots of amazing prices" asked Mike.
"Yeah I wonder why too" said Dan.

Suddenly they heard some rustling noises. They looked to their right and in the small dark corner, they saw a giant old clown doll with red glowing eyes sitting in a chair. It started to laugh without nobody pushing the button. The laugh sounded demonic as if the battery were about to die. The teens screamed and hightailed out of there but not before Mike saw a glimpse of a shadow of a humanoid figure standing behind the ice hockey table. They ran until they reached the bathroom halfway across the park. They stood there panting. "Man that was scary" said Dan.
Mike nodded trying to catch his breath "Yeah but I saw someone in there next to a table before we exited the building"

After they catched their breath they continued to explore the park with heightened caution.

© 2019 Jcortz3

Author's Note

I'm back ! sorry for being inactive but senior year and procrastination has prevented me from finishing my stories but I promise to be more active even when college is quickly approaching. Please review my stories

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Added on August 26, 2018
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I have returned and this time I am writing a novel. It's still in progress but I hope you enjoy it! more..

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