Chapter 2: Training with Hiva

Chapter 2: Training with Hiva

A Chapter by Jcortz3

Now there were only eight homes left in this town. After collecting from the rest of the town, GhostStrike went to the center of the town. "The rest of you live another day, it will be a matter of time before all of you end up like him," he said as he pointed at Mr. Millweaver's body. He then vanished leaving a cloud of smoke behind. When it cleared, Jayce went outside. He saw that people were already cleaning up Mr. Millweaver's body and preparing to bury him. Across the street, he saw old Mr. Bunkle grinning at his window. He was probably happy that his competitor had bit the dust. Both of them made clothes but now Mr. Bunkle was the last one. Jayce was disgusted by this. He was caught off guard by a hug. It was Hiva. "I'm glad you guys are okay," she said. "I'm glad you and your mom are okay too" Jayce responded. Hiva let go of her grasp. "Hey, would you like to start training now?" Jayce looked back to see if his dad had customers. He didn't. "Sure." They walked towards her house. They passed by Mr. Scrayton's scrap metal shack. Travelers come with metal and he would buy them. Other travelers may want spare parts and that's where he gets the money. Jayce wondered how he survived so long since GhostStrike doesn't only just ask for metal. Maybe he had a secret stash of other resources somewhere. They then passed by Grent's snack shop. He was the last food shop in this town but he is not usually there. Most of the time he travels long distances to get more snacks, find materials, and maybe sell some snacks for extra money. On the opposite street, is the handyman's shack. Nobody knew his name but like Grent he also traveled long distances for material and money. Jayce looked up and saw a white bird perched on top of one of the ruined shacks. When a home is destroyed by GhostStrike, the villagers leave it to be preserved just in case they all go extinct the town doesn't disappear. There haven't been birds spotted in this town ever since Pyranical showed up. Hiva saw it too. "Maybe it's a sign of hope?" she said as the bird stared at them then flew away. They continued walking while still amazed at what they just saw. 

They arrived at Hiva's home. Bolted onto the door was a sign that read Anza Volonte's Arts and Crafts shop. "I can see you haven't opened up shop yet," Jayce said. "I was busy," she said as she unlocked the door. They went inside. There were lots of pots, paint, paper, and other supplies. "Are you back sweetie?" asked a voice from one of the rooms. "Yes, mom and I also brought Jayce," she said as they walked into the room. "Well hello Jayce I haven't seen you in a bit, how are you and your father?" "We're fine but how are you holding up?" Jayce asked. She coughed. "I'm doing okay right now but I'm tired of being in a bed," she said as Hiva fixed her pillow and adjusted her legs. "I miss being up and about and I feel like a burden to my daughter." Hiva kissed her on the forehead. "You are not a burden mom, do you need anything else, I'm going to train Jayce," she asked. Her mom looked at the bowl of snacks next to her. "Nope I'm good for now, you two have fun." They waved goodbye and Hiva closed the door. The two of them walked towards the training center. 

The training center is a small room where people were taught basic self-defense and other skills by Mrs. Volonte and her daughter. Many people came to visit the Great Anza Volonte and enroll in her classes to learn from her. Now, it's just one teacher and one student. Jayce's mom did her best to train him but she was always too busy. However, she did teach him skills like properly holding a sword and use it and how to throw chakrams but most of his training came from Mrs. Volonte and Hiva. "Okay Jayce let's start," she said. They got into their fighting stances in the middle of the room. Hiva quickly charged at him but Jayce swiftly bounced to the side and slapped her down to the ground. She landed with a groan but knocked Jayce over with a quick sweep kick. Hiva got up first. "Hey, not bad" and offered Jayce a hand. "Thanks but you forgot something." He grabbed her hand and dragged her down to the ground. She landed on her chin. "I win," he said as he pinned her to the ground. "Are you okay?" Hiva got up and punched him in the stomach. "Never ask an opponent if they're okay," she said. Jayce didn't know if she was being serious or joking. "but yes I'm okay thanks for asking" she said as she massaged her chin. Let me rest for a bit and then we will exercise with the tires then practice with the swords. Jayce nodded as they went to sit on the bench.

Meanwhile, in a secret base somewhere in Dairnea, GhostStrike appeared inside. He floated up a small number of stairs. "Boss I destroyed the materials in Blanto just as you said and I murdered another person." A black figure moved in the big red chair. "Good good," said the figure. "Uh sir, I think that town may go extinct soon as there only eight homes left, do you think you can expand my area?" asked GhostStrike. "Maybe or maybe not" he responded. GhostStrike peered to the right and saw that the figure was watching a bird's eye view of some big city. He saw villagers digging up with shovels and pickaxes. Monsters were patrolling the area making sure they were doing their work and planning an escape. GhostStrike wanted a clear answer. "but sir..." "I said I'll think about it now go and check on the progress on our ground vacuum or something" The figure yelled as he turned around to face him. GhostStrike stared at his blue flaming eyes and his muscular fist getting ready to pummel him. The figure's angry face turned into a creepy happy face. "Okay? now leave me be" he said as he turned his chair around. GhostStrike proceeded to leave the room before muttering "you unstable weirdo." The figure heard this, "what did you say, you lame mascot for a dying sport?" He swung his chair around and threw a fireball at him. His head caught on fire and he tried desperately to put it out. "Your request is now less likely to happen," the figure said. 

"Phew, what a workout," Jayce said as he pushed the tire to the other side of the room. He turned around and saw Hiva was still a few inches behind him. She looked shocked and looked down in disbelief. "You lost twice today," he said to her. Hiva was angered. "Okay let's move on to sword training. She grabbed two wooden swords nearby and tossed one to Jayce. Once again they met in the middle of the room. This time Jayce made the first move. He swung at her but Hiva blocked his attack. They swung at each other, concentrating on each other's next move. Suddenly their swords clashed and they stared at each other to see who would move their sword first. Jayce noticed that she wasn't looking down so he quickly sidekick her hip. Hiva winced in pain but she was not knocked over. She reacted faster and bonked Jayce on the head. Jayce started to walk and swing towards Hiva. She swung back her sword to counter his attacks but she noticed that she was losing space behind her. She did a front flip to land behind Jayce but he read her movement and so he struck her on the side with his sword. She was angered and with one swipe of her sword, she disarmed Jayce. She tried to pin Jayce towards the wall but as she was running, Jayce stepped to the side and punched her gut. She was knocked back and dazed. He grabbed her arm in a flash and tossed her to the floor. He grabbed his sword from the floor and pointed it towards her. "You're dead," he said. Hiva laid there motionless. She was dumbstruck at how she lost all three practices especially since Jayce hadn't trained for a bit. Usually, she wins at least one and the rest were close but this is the first time Jayce won all practice matches against her. She hugged her knees still confused. Did Jayce suddenly get good or was just losing her touch. "Are you alright?" Jayce asked. It took a moment for her to answer. "I don't know." He was worried. She looked down at the ground. He wondered if he hurt her mentally as well. He gave her a hug. "I'm sorry if I hurt you badly, I didn't mean to, I guess my adrenaline got the best of me," he said as he put his chin on top of her head. She blushed but she quickly regained her feelings. "Just go and leave me be, training is complete for today" she muttered. Jayce nodded and got up. He apologized again and slowly left the room. Before he opened the door, he glanced back at Hiva who was still hugging her knees with a worried look on her face. He was really worried that he badly injured her friend. 

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