A Helping Hand

A Helping Hand

A Poem by Theodore Lee

In the darkness of his mind, he saw before him nothing. This nothing stretched out into eternity and seemed to have a presence of its own that pulled every thing into its forever present nothingness. This void was without form and darkness fell upon his face from the deep. There he remained, searching for a light to guide his way home. He found many lights. Lights of his own origin and lights of origin he found within his world. All of these lights guided him to places he would not have been able to discover on his own and each of these lights faded over time. Some of them shining brightly for a brief moment before suddenly abandoning him. Some of them shone with a low light that fluctuated at times, seeming ever present and never leaving him side, before it fades slightly before dying and leaving him.

And when all seemed lost and he was in the darkness was taking him, there came another light. This Light was unlike the lights he had seen and been left behind by. This Light shone from beneath him at his feet, a Light on his path. It guided him, step by step away from the center of the darkness. At the edge of oblivion, the Light stopped and as he looked up for the first time in ages long passed he saw the Light rose from the ground and he who had lived in darkness saw a great Light and on him a Light has dawned. This Light came through the land of the shadow that has consumed many things, and was not overcome. The Light in the sky grew as he marvelled in its magnificence and beauty. The Light gave him a feeling, not as the other lights have given him. This Light gave him a spirit of tranquility and calmness and he was not troubled and nor was he afraid. This Light was gentle in its heart and he found rest. This Light shone for him and unwavering like the shifting shadows, claimed the darkness as its own.

As this was done, the darkness was lifted from his mind as he too was lifted from the ground. Amazed, he saw the Light, not as a blinding ray from the heavens, but as a Father and He stretched out his hand to him, radiating a presence of purity and peace. Surrendering himself to Him, he found peace and was comforted. When he opened his eyes to see His face, he saw a smile that has seen all the hardships of every man, woman, and child that had ever lived but this face also had seen every birthday party of every child. This face had seen every smile on every happy bride’s face. This face had seen every celebration of every victory. This face had seen every newborn child look up at it, knowing that it was safe in His hands. This face had seen him and for that it was smiling down at him and he too knew that he was safe.

© 2018 Theodore Lee

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Theodore Lee
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Added on July 21, 2018
Last Updated on July 21, 2018


Theodore Lee
Theodore Lee

Cairo, Egypt

I write what I can and what that is is yet to be seen. I enjoy writing not because it's an escape from reality or even the thrill of creating an entre world of my own. I enjoy writing because I enjoy .. more..

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A Chapter by Theodore Lee