Letter to my Unborn Children

Letter to my Unborn Children

A Poem by T.S. Sky

Letter to my Unborn Children

God send this letter to Heaven
Let my children hear from me

My pride
My joy
Your smile I want to memorize
Your eyes I long to see
On this earth

My heart
My love
Your dimples I wish to kiss
Your hand I long to hold
On this earth

Children lean on God
In knowledge you need understanding
To be wise you need God
When you leave Heaven
To enter this realm with me
Be aware of the demons
That lurk here

Don't fall for the fake smiles
Look at the eyes
It tells you truth
When the tongue speaks lies

Pay attention to energy
Remember God
So you know who is good
And who is bad

You will cry
You will hurt
You will experience pain
Dark things

Know this
Light is stronger than dark
Good is stronger than evil
You is from love
You is from light
You are stronger than any dark thing
That comes against you

Remember to fight and win
You must love God
Keep Him close in your heart
Pray everyday
Pray to praise God
Pray when you need help

Don't despair if God doesn't answer
In a way you understand
You see
He always answer
Just sometimes not in ways we understand
When here on earth

When it seems like God is not answering
Go somewhere quiet
Inside your mind
Reflect on your choices
Your actions
Your decisions
Look for that way out of destruction
To your destiny

When God doesn't seem to answer
In there lays the biggest lesson
You will find the answer

The answer
In most cases
Lies within you
The deepest part of your soul

It seems easy where you are now
Down here it's not easy
To survive
You need
Positive thinking
Positive energy

Don't listen to new age humans
Who say they have the answers
In a card
A word

Those things are demonic
Demons disguise themselves
As angels
As light
They are not

Evil like to trick
Evil attacks the mind

Guard your mind with God
Watch your words
Speak life
Speak blessings
What we speak
We create
Choose your words wisely
Choose your thoughts with caution

Through all of this
There is joy to be found
In the simple things

Joy in a laugh
After a good cry

Joy in a cool breeze
On a hot summer's day

Joy in good food
Joy in dancing

Joy in good drinks
Joy in kindness to others

There is joy
There is joy
Here too

My son
My daughters
I can't wait to see you again

I can't wait to show you love
Show you love

While I'm with here
I will be your guide
Your guard
Your friend

God is your healer
God is your friend
God is your Father
God is your protector
God is your guide

Always go to God first

While you are in Heaven
Tell Henry Doss
My human daddy on earth
Thank you
He knows what for

Until we meet again

© 2019 T.S. Sky

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Added on April 25, 2019
Last Updated on April 25, 2019


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T.S. Sky

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