The pain of a storm.

The pain of a storm.

A Story by RyanM

I'm writing this as a warning, to all of you who think that evil isnt real. To all of you who think darkness is just a trick of the imagination. I've seen some things, some things that will shake your reality to it's core, blur the lines of fact and fiction. Evil IS real. It walks amung us, cloaked behind the intention of our words. It waits in the shadows, watching, waiting. I need to hurry, time is running out. I can hear them again, they're comming.

  It all started months ago. when i was alone. I was sitting in the living room, playing on my xbox with friends. I had thought nothing of it untill it was much too late. A storm was brewing. The distant rolls of thunder approaching was ever apparent over the game sound of my headset. I could feel something was there, i just had known it. The power had just flickered out. The storm had just rolled in and started, the pitter patter of raindrops hitting the windows overpowering the sound of my headset. The power went out again, this time for longer, but when it came on my television was fuzzy. i had tried to fix it but it didnt flick back on. Thats when the voices started. I had heard voices from seemingly everywhere whispering to me. saying my name, saying things, "Ryaaaaaannn" "Ryaaaaaaaaaaannnnn" the voices had chanted. I screamed "STOP" and covered my ears and threw the closest thing i could to the wall. i collapsed upon the floor, a searing pain across my back. It felt as though i had been cut. I used the window sill to pull myself off the floor, all the more the voices growing ever louder. reaching a crescendo as i started out the window. and then i stopped, i was frozen. Helpless, outside the window i saw what appearedto be a man. standing in the middle of the street. His back was to me, but he started to turn. He slowly turned his head towards me and stared through me. I didnt seem fit to exist in his eyes, His souless black eyes locked upon my heart and then i couldnt breathe. I collapsed again, the voices screaming at me. "DIE! DIE!" as i weakly got to my feet, the flash of lighning illuminated the street, and then the shadow, was gone.

© 2012 RyanM

Author's Note

I've been away for a long time, and i'm finally comming back. yet somehow i'm more sad than ever.

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Back and still awesome. Keep it up bro.

Posted 10 Years Ago

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Added on August 9, 2012
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Nashua , NH

well, i may not be all that old only just turning 15 but i LOVE writing, i'm about as passionate about it as i am staying fit and healthy to join the marines, i may be described as a bit dark but that.. more..

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