Will Jannah (paradise) be?

Will Jannah (paradise) be?

A Poem by Sai

Jannah is the Arabic word for Paradise. In the Koran, we are promised many things that we will have in heaven. Sometimes I wonder though; what if there was something I wanted more?


Will Jannah be a wondrous place;

Full of giggles, laughs, with a smiling face;

I wonder, oh Jannah, how fine your men and women will be;

So wonderously delightful, a sparkle for the eyes to see;

Is Jannah a universe that is altered to be our home;

Where we can act out our desires, shrieks, and moans?

Oh Jannah you are strange, are you a universe of eternal joy;

A place where people are high without drugs and drunk without toxins;

A universe of colors so elaborate and shiny;

Leaves shaped like elephant ears that take a thousand years to cross;

Rivers of drinks and hills covered in moss;

Beautiful men and women adorned in green;

Being so full of love; the most gorgeous things you’ve ever seen.

A universe that seems so hard to believe;

A garden of happiness, purity, and desire;

Where you are the ruler, king, queen, and sire;

This amazing garden of wondrous things;

Sounds like a window in a child’s dreams;

Jannah you are what people crave for every day;

Some can’t wait to die just to head your merry way;

But sometimes I can’t help but think to myself;

What if I don’t desire you, but desire the One who created you?

For someone to create a home for humanity with such beauty;

Imagine the Creator themselves.

What I would trade for you oh Jannah;

How nice it would be to lay at the throne.

© 2016 Sai

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Added on January 6, 2016
Last Updated on January 6, 2016
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