Bed of repulsion and treason - The House of the Blackened Boy

Bed of repulsion and treason - The House of the Blackened Boy

A Poem by Thomas Hudson

I went too far. Or did I? Why did I copulate his dream and expectations? Welcome to the Blackened Boy's house.

A simple invite. 
Nothing more than a silly girl's drunk desire.
How could I be this foolish?
How did I end up laying next to this w***e of sin?
Driven by desires so lustful I cannot enslave them by words. 
My intoxicated instincts ordering me towards the objective.
But no, how could I complete this task of immorality? 
I simply can't, I mortal man, I am no Dionysus. 
Seeking the sanatorium from my fornicating demons. Sleep, my state of mind beckons relieve. 
But how could any mortal man resist he touch of grace and lust?
I am forever stroke. I disgrace her pure body with my hedonistic agenda. 
She whispers for more. She cannot be depleted of sin. 
The poison of lust has conquered her reason and will.
Her desire overtakes me. There is no turning back now. 
My passion erupts as I rupture her innocence. 

But I cower. I cannot do this. But yet I continue to desecrate the Temple of Purity.
But I hear the curses. I have broken loyalty in my brother's bed. 
I repent. What have I done? 
Post Coitum Omne Animal Triste Est. 
I Paris have taken the Helene of Sparta.
Her innocence is protected by the poison that conquered her mind. 
I will burn in hell for my fornicating sins because of this w***e.
Seeking solitude in my sleep, I am swallowed by my inner apollyon, while screaming in repugnance:
 Mea Culpa!

© 2012 Thomas Hudson

Author's Note

Thomas Hudson
I don't like this poem. I lost the feeling while writing it. But I can still feel parts of the disgust I felt the day after...

I hope that you find meaning of this poem. I discovered the darkest and most repugnant chambers of the human mind that night.

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I like the complete poem. I like the description of temptation and falling into the need and desire. I like the use of the myths to make your point. The ending was very good. Thank you for sharing the excellent poem.

Posted 8 Years Ago

Hi Tom, alter ego eh? But isn't it curious how a person feels a greater freedom to test and experiment on this channel. I did that myself and eventually took back what I am in the experience.

This piece has the feel of the classic but I think you fear the lame sense of imitation of a greater legend. It explains why there's a division in the first place ....too big an amplitutude between two seemingly opposite impulses. I would work it more, if I were you.

My alter is at Shin ( formerly known as ) Bidayah.

Posted 8 Years Ago

Goddamn bro. This gave me the feel of jacking of whilst punching my gut. Damn i love you .

Posted 8 Years Ago

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Added on November 25, 2012
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Thomas Hudson

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