The 2003 Invasion of Iraq

The 2003 Invasion of Iraq

A Poem by Thomas

A English poem I wrote after writing a similar one in German, with the rhyming style inspired by listening to Eminem. It is more of a song than a poem.


The Invasion of Iraq


Seven years later, the world thinks we’re a hater,

The customer’s a turban and we’re the damn waiter!

How do we get revenge without breaking rules?

How come the terrorists always have more tools?

We’re just tryin’ to help, but that ain’t so cool,

‘Cause if the waiter does it wrong, the waiter gets sued,

Mixed messages, oh my is confusin’ mind you,

And it ain’t helping us, who are trying to help you,

We’re in it to win it, this is what we do,

Get out of our way or we might shoot you too!


(BAM! Aaaa!)


-We’re tryin’ to wage war here,

Oh the humanity,

What’s with the carrot and stick,

I think that’s your vanity,

Your support, your neglect,

Is driving me towards insanity,

You can’t make much sense out of senseless depravity,

You want something done,

But you want someone to do it for you,

You can have your cake,

But you can’t eat it too!-


Not to mention that’s too many calories for you,

I’m not playin’ ‘cause heart attacks sure ain’t cool,

Oh you didn’t know that, you silly fool?

Well then take your rolls of fat with you,

And go back to school!

An uneducated man in power,

What are we gonna do with you?

Just be it works in theory doesn’t mean it will actually work.


You b***h, you moan,

We continue our work,

You try us in court,

For shooting civilians,

How should we know when they hang out with the vilians?

They walk the same, they talk the same,

Hell they even dress the same,

There’s no such thing as team colors,

For this splendid shoot’em up game,

So when you’re out and about,

You don’t know who’s game,

It’s dog eat dog, it’s do or die,

I’m only a grunt, tryin’ to survive,

I’d rather live in shame, than die in vain


-We’re trying to wage a war here,

Oh the humanity,

What’s with the error and trial?

Don’t put all your soldiers in jail,

It’s not worthwhile,

Just because you’re a war-a-holic,

And the first sign is denial,

Oh look it’s the channel five news,

Now what’s your excuse?-


Who wanted this damn war anyway?

Wasn’t the average Joe like you and me,

Funny how that’s works in our government, see,

It’s a government of the people, by the people, and for the people,

Or at least,

That’s what it’s supposed to be,


Where’s the freedom, where’s the liberty?

Replaced by big brother and security?

Don’t worry fellas it’s A-Okay,

The government spends millions and billions,

On airport security today!

The joy is the journey not the destination,

Every trip through the airport’s,

An experience of emancipation!


Stop! Camera time!

There’s a glitch in the stitch, a snatch in the patch,

A little itch, that big government forgot to scratch,

Hi, my name is Abdul Farouk,

I’m a good guy but there’s a catch,

Tell no one for I fear rebuke,

Excuse me, I’ve a fiery crotch to scratch,





Unfortunately, that pales in comparison,

To what was in and on the air back then,

Apparently we had it comin’

Boom! It happened our, very own 9/11,

Which was more convenient than a seven-eleven,

Because now to wage war in the east,

Mr. President elect had a mandate from heaven!


He had a cult following,

On to Afghanistan,

But somewhere down the road,

It all fell off the bandwagon,

When we got to Iraq it all just bombed,

Where Mr. President, Where,

Did it all go wrong?


How about a war nobody wants?

How about an unseen enemy?

I’m sorry, do you have some place to be?

Do you need to hunker down,

And get away from those that disagree?

Well go ahead, get back to that bunker,

Remember down not up you must hunker,

Pull it out Mr. I’m the winner,

Stick the gun to your head,

And pull the trigger Hitler!


-We’re tryin’ to wage a war here,

Oh the humanity,

Please don’t mock our abilities to carry out activities,

Our men suffer from a variety, and a diversity of adversities,

And this damn war’s been going downhill since 2003!



© Thomas O. January 2010


© 2013 Thomas

Author's Note

This is more of a song than a poem, but feel free to review as you please.

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Added on January 27, 2010
Last Updated on May 15, 2013
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London, United Kingdom

Hello, I'm new here, and I write poetry in both German and English. Hallo, ich bin neu hier. Ich schreibe gern Gedichte auf Englisch und ebensfalls auf Deutsch. more..

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