Sweet Surrender

Sweet Surrender

A Story by Thorn

This story didn't turn out well, but I'll submit it anyway. For the "500 words" group.


The old collie dog, head bowed in concentration, made his way along the busy sidewalk.


In his mouth he gently held a single pink rose. His master’s tone, as he’d crouched down to give the dog the flower, had shown that he wanted it handled with the utmost care. The collie was a loyal creature, as many dogs are bred to be, and so he did not question or even consider defying this order. Instead, he had taken the rose in his strong jaws and waited while his master held out the mitten belonging to the woman that had talked with him in the park before.


Once he’d been given her scent, the collie had set out to find her. It seemed that his master wanted him to give the flower to the woman, and nothing in the world could make him ignore that wish. He was just that kind of dog.


So, head lowered almost to the ground, he snuffled his way along the road. Only that morning, when he’d been out walking with his master, he’d seen that woman go past. Even now he could pick up her scent, faint though it was. He knew that he could find her, and give her the rose, and please his master.


His head collided with someone else’s. The collie let out a startled whimper, dropped the rose, and looked up to see a silky coated golden retriever looking back at him.


What’s wrong? Her body language read.


His tail drooped, and he anxiously sniffed at the rose. His ears pricked up with relief when he confirmed that it was alright. Making sure not to tear the delicate pink petals, he opened his jaws and carefully closed his teeth around the stem.


Take flower, he told her. Have to take flower to human.


She went to scent him, but he nudged her away. His gaze was determined.


Have to take flower. See you later.


She looked at him with the utter sadness of a dog betrayed. Then, meekly, she lowered her head and trotted past him.


See you later, she agreed, and followed her master along the sidewalk.


The collie lowered his nose, but then was struck by another desire. He froze, trying to decide whether to chase after her or fulfil his duty to his master. Finally he turned, searching for her desperately amongst the distant crowds. But she was already gone.


Saddened, he stood there for a moment longer, undecided. Then, reluctantly, he continued on his way to find the human woman.


He found her home just around the next corner, where there was less of a crowd. He stepped onto the path, took a few steps forward, and stopped by the big door.


The dog gently dropped the rose in front of his paws, and let out a hoarse bark.

Please look, it meant.

A moment passed. Just as he was preparing to call again, footsteps came from within. There was a soft click, and the door swung inward.


The woman stood there alone, her brow creased into an expression that the dog knew meant either anger or confusion. She said something, reached down, and picked up the flower.


His tail began to wag proudly as she straightened up, a small smile lighting up her face.  Then, saying something, she quickly went back into the house.


It was like a great burden had been lifted from the dog’s shoulders. The woman picking up the rose had signalled the completion of his master’s order. And now, he could do what he really wanted to do, in his heart. Giving up the rose to her had left a sweet feeling inside him.


So, turning, the dog bounded off the step and ran out into the street. He felt youthful again, and happiness surged within him. He knew that he should go home, but there was something that needed to be done first.


With a happy yap, he scampered away to find the golden retriever.

© 2010 Thorn

Author's Note

This is awful, and I know it. The writing itself is okay, but the plot makes little sense.
I may edit it, though. Until then; please bear with me.

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Awww!! It's cuuute. Adorable. I love how loyal the dog is, and how at the end he runs away to find the golden retriever. Sweet and cute. :)

Posted 10 Years Ago

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