A promise

A promise

A Poem by Threads



The day has come when I no longer remember, 

the grooves in your hand 

The time is that the bindings, worn so tender 

wither as though quicksand; 

            beneath my fingers 


Those chapters you wrote in my life 

how did they feel to read the first time? 

I have leafed through the pages 

so much that the letters now fade 


How those pages first spoke to me 

I cannot recall 

In reading them over and over again 

I feel I have lost their magic 


The day has come when I no longer remember,

the spring forests of your eyes

The depth I saw there once, a glowing ember

now but murky water, it dies


Those glances you threw my way

how did they catch my eye so?

I have not found another to convey

such care to help with my woe


We saw each other from the opposite banks of a river

and together we set the first foundations of that bridge

staring at each other we could not tell who came thither

but somehow we met halfway between that frightening ridge


How we built that strongest of bridges

I cannot comprehend

In hesitating over and over again

I feel I have lost that skill


It saddens me to see

our banks have drifted apart by effect

of that coursing river, which to me

is a force too stubborn to reject


I promised I would not forget,

not a single moment

not one


but time, curse that stream

it has made me break my promise


If time was man

I would shatter his hourglass

in all the fury of a man forced into breaking his vows

I would hound his brass

and make life to time as inevitably callous as the bows;

of jesters humouring tyrants


But alas,

I am the jester and I must bow!

before a force that I cannot resist

for time is no man to hound

© 2017 Threads

Author's Note

Just a little something. Feel free to give me any feedback as I am always looking to improve.

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Wow. I loved the comparision and the imagery. I can imagine that. It is so beautifully written. Loved it.

Posted 4 Years Ago


4 Years Ago

Thanks for the review. Any thoughts on things I could possibly improve?
Najam Us Saher

4 Years Ago

No. I like your writings the way the are. They are filled with emotions with proper tone and rhythm... read more

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Added on March 4, 2017
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Keep pulling on that thread, maybe it will lead you to something you like, after all it got you this far. I am just someone looking to share and enjoy poetry. Feel free to tell me your thoughts more..

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