Men of God

Men of God

A Poem by Crifa

Darkness wraps the new Devine,
Inward and out it intertwines.
Soaking, leaching off of helpless desire,
Tempting those who might inquire.
Sneaky, slippery, silent in step,
Dragging you closer, slowly to death.
Snap, chink, snap, your chain undone,
A world without Him, grace, or sun.

Innocent temptations.
Planned on only once.
Becoming addicted to instant satisfaction,
But remaining blind to the road ahead.
Master of disguise, deceiver of fate,
Promises love but only brings hate.

Wipe, breathe, wipe,
It's suddenly getting hot.
Blurred renders of what rests ahead,
Red, everywhere, magma and fire shed.
Welcome below the world underneath,
The one that makes hair prickle, you clench your teeth,
For you are alone in this underlying prison,
Because you just "did it once" and didn't listen.

Blacksmiths be ready let hammers fall,
Warriors with halos, angels I call.
Help these poor people,
These children of God.
They need some armor,
To protect hearts born flawed.
Dip the alloy in holy water of grace,
Let His mercy be a wonderful taste.

Tantalizing evils back far away,
Men of God have come to slay.
This war is soon coming,
And humanity's not running.

Hold these young hands and help them see true,
If there was ever a time for guidance then now is your queue.

© 2013 Crifa

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Added on August 3, 2013
Last Updated on November 11, 2013




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