Angel of Music

Angel of Music

A Poem by The Outlaws' Song

A tiny tribute to the only Angel i know i can always count on



Piercing through my ears

Unlocking the most hidden chambers of my heart

Shaking each string, each feeling

In times of sorrow my heart breaking once again apart.

Angel of music
Thank you for existing
Thank you for the music

For making out of my sad story a wonderful sound

And when in bliss you hit me

Invading my veins with vibes so hard to gyve

Pumping in my heart the world’s entire power

Expanding it in love and trust
Angel of music
Thank you for existing
Thank you for the music

For singing an anthem of life’s happiest side


And in times of loneliness and sadness

You’re always here beside me

With sounds of wind-carried clouds and raindrops

You sing to me of the rainbows that after rain shine in the Sun

Angel of music
Thank you for existing
Thank you for the music

For teaching me with subtle tones the wisdom of the world


It’s wonderful how you’re always here

To embrace and fight away my fears

With divine harmonies you tune my soul

Cause even when I’m broken there’s a melody to make me back a whole

When I lie down holding up my breath

With tears of sounds you wet my eyes and bring me back the strength

And when I think I’m out of luck

You sing to me,telling I’m not alone in this misfortune struck

Angle of music
Mentor of my life, healer of pain
You bring us all together

Make out of us brothers, not strays

All by yourself
You can move mountains aside
And let our wings fly high
~ up high.
Teacher of wisdom
And keeper of life’s key
You are a book of thousand stories
You are the ghost of history
Creator of huge open windows
Out of which I take my flight
You are the Guardian of Roads
That lead to the Great Light.
Angel of music
Thank you for existing
Thank you for the music
And for dwelling in me.

© 2008 The Outlaws' Song

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Featured Review

I especially liked your use of "gyve" rather than "give" to create more of a medieval feel to this very traditional feeling ode to a great muse that my life has unfortunately been bereft of. Whatever else I could tell you about this piece, are things that I've told you a million times before, so I'll spare you the repetition. Wonderful work, as always.

Posted 12 Years Ago

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Awww this is so sweet!! A really lovely and sensitive and touching poem. There is a lot of energy, spirit and passion lying behind this, and the whole poem flows with ease. I think many people can relate to this poem too, because we all need music to help us through our lives. If music be the food of imagination, you've been dining on gourmet to come out with such a sweet and tender poem! Haha! Definitely one of my favorites out of all your poems. Well done!

Posted 13 Years Ago

You touched the heart of me with this one. music is my lady and my love. Just beautifully written. And the lady has a mandolin! I play mandolin and guitar. I can play some Jimi Hendrix on my mandolin, I'm not conventional. lol This is just superb!

Posted 13 Years Ago

Oh my goodness, Outlaw, this is breathtaking and literally takes my breath away. Beautiful piece. I remember my mother always talking about what music meant to her she always said "A world without music and creativity to fill in the gaps is no world worth living in". No matter what kind of music we all love and enjoy there is not one person that cannot say that it changes their life in someway, by inspiring us or even taking the stress out of a day. We enjoy ourselves more around music. Brilliant work, absolutely adding this to my favorites.

~*Anna Rose*~

Posted 13 Years Ago

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The Outlaws' Song
The Outlaws' Song

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