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Held together

Held together

A Poem by TidgeTiger



Holding It Together.

I broke it myself
by dancing round stupid
i threw it at the floor
whilst fighting with cupid.
Raging, and burning
it all seemed to sear
losing you
was something i began to fear.

So what did i do,
i chased you away
setting something free
is better than having taken another day
So things were dropped
along with my heart
and i couldnt express what i felt
not even a part.

I went off the rails,
i let myself get screwed
and as i closed my eyes and tried to forget you
it all came unglued
So cupid was gone
and eros was mean
i lost that part of me
that noone else had seen.

i looked for it in people
in pastimes in places
i tried to find it in music in dances
in faces.
i tried to find something
id given to you
thrown in a gutter
or flushed down a loo.

i felt like i had ripped a piece
from my soul
and until i knew where it was
i wouldnt be whole.
i knew that id hurt you,
and expected your wrath
but i missed everything
your smell
and your laugh

eventually my emptiness
lead me back home
to the part that was missing
the part that you own.
you hadnt discarded it
nor thrown it aside
then i felt it
so i cried and cried.

burning and marring
far beneath my skin
was the love that id denied
and the sorrow within.
i never thought as a kid
love could be hell
it was because that even then there was
more story to tell.

still i said nothing
and tried to repair
the thing that was missing
that i needed right there.
things went on,
roses bloomed and faded
i refused to try
i was defeated and jaded

what happened next
or what changed cant be known
but through loss and depression
part of me had grown
so i reached out
for something id lost
and you took my hand
and i payed the cost.

I gave it in,
packed up my s**t,
i told you the truth
and expected a hit
but you just turned
and tried to understand
but not for a second
would you let go of my hand

im glad i had not lost you
im glad you didnt throw me away
my heart is being held together by you
but i like it this way.

© 2009 TidgeTiger

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I love this piece. I almost cried at the end. Great job!

Posted 9 Years Ago

Thank you for entering my contest. I greatly appreciate it. You told a compelling tale that ended well. Good work and God bless!

Posted 10 Years Ago

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2 Reviews
Added on May 20, 2009



Sydney, Australia

P.s I'm NOT anything special --- So yes, something not everybody knows, is i have a love of words and the emotions that can be conveyed by strings of them, and the images they can form in .. more..

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