A Story by Tiffany

Memories can haunt, heal and hurt. But ours haunt. They remind me of the times when we laughed. When we loved without fear. When we thought we were forever. The endless laughter now bring endless tears. When we were together time wasn’t a thing. The cold winter months never seemed to bother us. Our snowmen were just as magical as the fire in our eyes. The scorching summer heat never stopped our adventures. What we had was something I’ve never had. I loved you more than I loved myself. Your heart beat was my favorite song. The color of your eyes was the most beautiful brown there is. Your arms were my safety blanket. Your hugs healed more wounds than a doctor ever could. Pandas aren’t even the same anymore. Purple is more than just a color. It’s a feeling now. You were there when I was at my lowest point and you lifted me up like I was royalty. But for some reason, everything changed. Our hands that once fit like puzzle pieces are now bent and broken. The fire grew dim and our adventures became catastrophes.

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It's a shame, isn't it? When you care about someone and they don't care back. Or when you care about someone, and they stop caring. It's a sad fact of life, but I've realized that people's concern for you is directly related to their current mood, and people are only too happy to drop you at the drop of a hat when you're no longer useful.

It is that exact wishy-washy attitude that's why I don't tell people I love them. Why should I tell them something that important when they're just going to throw it back in my face? But I guess not everyone can be like me, can they? Maybe even they shouldn't. But people will screw you over no matter what. It's not a matter of if, it's a matter of when. Reading this reminds me of all the people in my life who fucked me over. They made me smarter and cynical in equal measure. But you should try not to be like me.

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Forever Forever

A Story by Tiffany