A Poem by DaVoid

thundersign. Bloodred wine. Intertwine vines. Taplines. Straight to hell and back. Train of thought. The titles we fought for. Say it loud. Say it proud mothafockers. The bus to San Fransisco is already gone. So rock and roll! Man, be gone by the end of the song. BadaBOOM baby. Oh Yeah. Rock me one more time. Take it from the top this time. Just do it in C minor. Sea in a glass of wine. Take a f*****g picture. Post it online. Mechanical babies born out the swamp of dead things dying a second time around. Half a tomato found on the floor. Bad habits. Circle around, Magick bound. First LP keeps playing the same sound. Helicopter drops them bombs. LSD plunge. Time sync. Derailed ideas. Ideals sunk. Bodies in the trunk. Michael Jordans Slam dunk. Umpf! Strumpf. Elephant. Trump. Trampling drunks. Elijah's book. Mohamed Alli's left hook. Uppercut! Is that a fly in my soup? Fricking Beelzebub? C'mon what kind of sick joke is this what's with the mad look? Still mad? Hip hop happening hastening holly haggisday. Alastair. Farewell in Bell Air. Welcome to the devils fair.

© 2016 DaVoid

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Added on May 2, 2016
Last Updated on May 2, 2016



Mechelen, Vlaams Brabant, Belgium

I am a fanatic student of human behavior and spirituality. more..

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