The Undead Terrorist

The Undead Terrorist

A Story by Terrell Kornegay

This is just a character introduction to something I'm planning on writing in the future.

The day was like any other day a human being would expect. The average happenings of the city became so monotonous that its feel of importance had faded long ago. The weather was fine and the pigeons were flying about, causing messes like aerial rodents. Businessmen in suits scurried about to do what they do best, artists showcased their talents on the streets, and teenage boys and girls caused trouble as they usually do.
In the city, the grand opening of a historical museum was scheduled to open on May 26th, Sunday. It was currently the Saturday prior to the grand opening when a certain plan had been started. The intention of the plan was not of benevolence, but of malice. At the steps of the currently closed museum was a black haired man in a black trench cloak, a black fedora, a black pair of slacks, and black business shoes. Due to his low hanging fedora, only his mouth was visible; his eyes were cloaked under the shadows of his hat. A man of enigma, he was. Most people just passed by, others gave him a look of curiosity before walking away. After enough time had passed, the man checked his watch. It was time.
"People of this amazing city, hear me out for one moment!" He started. He acquired the attention of most while some only looked at him and then walked away.
When he spoke, charm and charisma emanated from his words. He spoke of the glory of the city. He spoke of the prosperity of the people. He spoke of the genius of the individual. Within minutes, everyone listening to him had loved him. His words had dazzled them; inspired them. The flame of hope had lit in their hearts. Instead of being the mindless robots they usually were, performing the same acts of life in the city as they usually did, they became aware and they thought better of themselves. They realized how much time they wasted and they began to think of the future. They began to hope for the future. A better future.
"My name is Adam. Allow me to share a story." He raised his hands and, almost magically, the front doors of the museum swung opened. Slowly, Adam began walking backward as he spoke. The men and women weren't hypnotized, but enticed by his charm. They followed him, matching his slow pace. 
"It all started on the day of my birth. Ever since I was born, my parents began to hate each other and through their hatred of each other, they blamed me. They blamed me, a newborn child, for every little mishap in their life. I lived my childhood believing everything was my fault and I began to hate myself for it. I hated myself, I hated my parents, I hated everything... One day, my mother and father were arguing about something insignificant, as usual. My father ended up pulling out a gun and he shot it... But he missed. The bullet went through the wall, into my room, and through my head. There I was, lying dead on my bed... Until I came back. Then and there, I learned I was born with something special. Not only did I realize I couldn't die, I realized that I didn't have to tolerate such trifling matters anymore. I left my room and approached my parents. They stared at me in disgust while they watched the bullet hole close. While I stood there, my body was heating up, just like it is right now." Adam stopped walking backward, seeing everyone was in the museum.
The men and women stood there, still and listening. Suspicion hadn't come to their minds at all. How could it? They trusted the hero that saved them from their mundane lifestyles. They trusted the man that could show them a better future. They trusted their saviour. 
"On that very day as a child, I discovered my gift. I discovered that special thing I was born with. I discovered that holding in all of your anger and hatred will eventually lead it to violently coming out all at once. Ladies and gentlemen, I learned," his skin began glowing a bright orange colour. Hot vapours began trailing from his body. "That I can explode."
In an instant, a devastating explosion enveloped the front of the museum and everyone in it. The boom could be heard from the farthest parts of the city. A good portion of the museum was blown away. Body parts of the people that weren't incinerated were scattered around, blackened and charred. It wasn't long until sirens began wailing.
A better future, they thought they had. A future in general, they thought they had. They were given hope and look at them now. Dead. All of them. Just dead. They foolishly followed a man who gave them hope and saved them from their banausic lives. They mindlessly followed the man who inspired them. They moronically put trust in their new saviour. Look at them now.
From the rubble and the ashes, Adam rose like a zombie from its grave. He examined his naked body before cracking his neck. 
"Requiem aeternam, dona eis requiem et lux perpetua luceat eis." He mumbled as he stood up.

© 2013 Terrell Kornegay

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Added on May 23, 2013
Last Updated on May 24, 2013
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Terrell Kornegay
Terrell Kornegay

Temple Hills, MD