Conquering Fear for Love

Conquering Fear for Love

A Story by Jessica Slatton

This is a Twilight Sage Fan-Fiction that I wrote about Renesmee Cullen, and Jacob Black.

Maybe my dad was right. Maybe we were too different. Jacob's skin was so dark, and mine was so pale, but it felt right to hold his hand. Who cares if he is a werewolf and I am a vampire. We are both still half human, hybrids. I was not sure how to handle all of the stress of being away from him. My parents, Bella and Edward, still to this day cannot stand to be away from each other. Why did they not understand the love I felt for my Jacob? Could they not see the pain it caused me to be away from him?
It was dark out and angry rain was falling from the sky. I looked all around me in a panic. I could not find my Jacob. There was bad news in the area, newborn vampires. My family had all left for a vacation up to Denali, Alaska, to see our extended family. I did not want to leave, so I stayed home. Jacob had been staying with me, but he had gone after the newborn vampires and I was left standing alone in the field behind our small cottage. Jacob, my Jacob, had taken off, and at what expense -- his life? I hated that he always had to go out and fight when there was a threat.
I stood alone in this field, calling his name. My tears were masked by the heavy drops falling from the darkened skies. Although I was drenched to the bone and frozen in fear, I had to move. I had to go after him. He had been gone for too long. I had to know that he was okay. I closed my eyes and focused on moving even just one inch. "AHHHHH!" I screamed. My body unlocked and I was in a fast run, crouched low to the ground. "Jacob?" My screams questioned, coated with the fear that I felt inside. I had to find him whatever it took.
I came to a sudden stop. Lightning had just struck the ground mere inches from me. The sky lit up for a moment, and I could hear growls up ahead. My breathing was very heavy, not because I was losing my breath, but because I was frightened. I did not know what to do. I knew that I had to do all that I could to find my Jacob and to help him. He was all alone. Where was the rest of the pack? Had any of them sensed him when he phased? Had anyone else come to his aid in the soon-to-be bloody battle? I sure as hell had.
Overwhelmed with adrenaline and courage, I bit back all my fears and started running again. I followed the cries of war. There was someone behind me. I could sense him there. I closed my eyes and waited for the right moment. I was focusing very hard, listening to everything around me. Wet footsteps on the ground told me where he was. He sprang, and I moved my body to the right and grabbed him in mid air. My hands were on either side of his head. In a sharp, swift motion I twisted his head off and let it fall to the ground. "One down," I thought to myself as I pushed farther on. I had to see my Jacob, in whatever form he was in. I just had to know he was okay.
Lightning flashed, illuminating the sky as I ran further into the battle, still in search of my Jacob. I could see another vampire ahead of me. This one was much younger. She had to have been no more than thirteen years old. She looked frightening, not something that anyone would want to see in their backyard. Her hair was matted to her face with what looked and smelled like blood. Could it be my Jacob’s blood?  I took some pity on her because she was changed into a vampire at such a young age. I was sure that she had lost her family, had maybe even been the hand that killed them after her change. But it did not matter the pity I took on her, she still attacked me.
She sprang into the air and landed on top of me. I saw her coming, but she was too fast for me to get out of her way. She had me pinned down on the ground. Her mouth was open, and she was ready to take a bite of me. That was when I heard it -- a deep growl. It was my Jacob, in his wolf form. I would know that sound anywhere. In the blink of an eye, the vampire was off of me. I looked to my left just in time to see her arm between Jacobs' massive jaws as he tore it from her body. Dismembering and then burning vampires was the only way to kill them. The stake through the heart and silver bullets were all Hollywood folklore. This was real.
I sat up as Jacob came over to me. The vampire was dead, but I did not know if there were any more out there. That was when I saw all their eyes. Very slowly the rest of the wolf pack appeared out of the thick trees. Jacob nudged me with his nose, indicating for me to stand up. As I got to my feet, Jacob ran off into the trees. When he came back he was in human form. He rushed over to me and pulled me into his arms "Nessie, what were you thinking?" he demanded. I just buried my face in his chest and let the tears I had been holding back consume me.
The next morning I woke up in his arms. We were back in my house, and the night before was hazy. "How did we get here?" I asked as I looked up at Jacob. "I carried you,” he said, kissing my forehead. "What happened last night?" I asked him. He sighed and shifted his weight to sit up in bed. Adjusting to his movements, I cuddled into his side and listened to him tell me about how the wolf pack had come to his aid and together they destroyed all of the newborn vampires. When he was done, he looked down at me and brushed the hair back from my face. "Why did you come after me?" he asked, and I could hear a little bit of anger laced with the worry that was in his voice.
I sat up and looked at him, biting my lip. I was embarrassed at my reasons for going. Taking a deep breath and exhaling with a long sigh, I started to talk. "I was worried about you. I was not sure if the pack was going to come to help you." My eyes drifted away from his as I looked down. I was half vampire and half human, a hybrid. He was the same -- a hybrid; half wolf, half human. I was strong enough to take down other vampires and to fight or help fight. I was able to defend myself, I did not need anyone to protect me. I looked up at him, reached my hand out, and touched his cheek.
Once my hand was on him, I used my special way of telling or showing others what I have to say. With my touch he could see through my eyes as I stood in the field with the rain pouring down all around me. He could feel what I had been feeling before. I showed him everything that I remembered from the night before. Then slowly my hand slid away and the vision before his eyes faded. "I was worried that I would lose you. That was why I went after you," I whispered softly to him. I lay back down, closed my eyes, and fell back asleep as he ran his fingers through my hair. The rest of the day would come, but for now I was happy just being in his arms. Where I knew I was meant to be.


© 2010 Jessica Slatton

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Added on October 16, 2010
Last Updated on October 16, 2010
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