In A Different Life

In A Different Life

A Story by My~Beautiful~Despair

Freaks down town...might b key to paradise..


-How it starts-

 Crypt was a group of power hungry men needed a way to dominate anyone and everyone. What better way than a mutant army? Crypt got scientists to help. Every year they would convince parents to let their children go well a where of what’s going to happen. Around six hundred kids ages thirteen to eighteen would go to the camp. The scientists call putting animal DNA in the kids ‘Testing’. Very few kids survive Testing; the ones that do are train to kill, fight, and use all sorts of weapons. Crypt teaches the new comers that fight and work for them is a good thing. They tell the kids Crypt fight for the greater good, they protect innocent people. All sailors must were fitted cameo and boots.

-Chapter 1-

We walked in what looked like an opera house. Kids ages thirteen to eighteen were lining the perimeter with loaded guns. Why are the newbies here? I didn’t have time to ask. My troop had to guard the main stage. I’m only sixteen; I went through Testing when I was thirteen so I’ve been here a while. The Crypt was on stage…what’s going on? Not wanting to show my concern I looked forward, kept my hands to my sides. My ears and tail twitched from nervousness. Why were they here, why didn’t they want us to wear our colored contacts, the newbies? The main doors opened people flooded in. Soon the whole building was packed. As soon as everyone was settled the Crypt stood up. John the leader grabbed a microphone.

“I’m glad we have a packed house. I know why we all are here but to nights star doesn’t.” John said in a happy voice. It must be a showing. Tonight one of us will be shown off. John will tell the visitors about the ‘lucky’ mutant. I’ve never been ‘shown’ and I’d like to keep it that way.

“Cole will you please join me on stage” John said locking eyes with me. Shocked and scared I slowly walked on stage, I wanted to vanish. John took my hand as I stood by him. My tail was swaying side to side. How long will this take? I want to leave; I hate it when I’m the ‘star’.

“Cole is one of our finest and she’s only sixteen. She is ten percent great horned owl, ten percent black leopard and eighty percent human, has a seventeen foot wing span. She’s Five feet and seven inches tall and weighs one hundred and twenty pounds.” John explained. Everyone was staring at me, my leopard ears and tail both black with light gray spots, my huge black wings that were fully extended. They saw everything to my enlarged k9s to how I walk on my toes. My yellowish eyes and my claw like nails seemed to amaze them the most though. John even told them that he loved how my black hair that was shorter in front than longer in back and my tannish skin. What was with him today? He looked at me than out at the audience than back to me. I protested in my head. I don’t want to fly in doors with tons of people staring at me! After a second of yelling in my head I nodded. Flying in doors wasn’t bugging me it was the people, we had packed house and I don’t like people touching my wings. Someone was going to try to touch me I knew it.  Backing up, running than jumping off the stage to fly was the easiest way to do in the huge opera house. I carefully flow out of reach, flapping only when I needed to. I circled a few times before gracefully landing on the stage by John. He smiled at me. My sign that I was done so I bowed to the crowd and jumped off stage to once again stand by my troop. I guess that’s all they came for because the audience stood up and started leaving. Wow don’t I feel special.

© 2012 My~Beautiful~Despair

Author's Note

it's an idea for a story...

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Added on September 20, 2012
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