X-Marks The Spot

X-Marks The Spot

A Story by My~Beautiful~Despair

I woke up, my head was pounding. My vision was fuzzy. The last thing I remember was that I was at the gym working out, something hit me, I blacked out then I woke up here. I was in a cell but I wasn’t in jail. So where was I? Once I could see clearly I noticed there were other cells just like mine. They were made of stone, about fifteen feet tall, ten feet wide and ten feet across with chain on the sides. This place looks like a dungeon. Lights flooded the whole ‘dungeon’ and huge TV hung from the ceiling. A cell lit up and on the TV screen showed a girl in the cell. She had long straight brown hair, green eyes and tan skin. The girl was wearing blue jeans shorts and a light green shirt. Her cell was to the left one cell was between us a file popped on the screen that read:

Name: Jasmine Wood

Age: 18

Height & weight: 6’0 Ft., 130 lbs.

Power(s): Mind Reading/mind control

Combat: Fair, Long distance

Well now I know I’m not alone in here. A different cell was on screen this time a guy. He had   darker brown hair than Jasmine that covered half of his brown eyes and tanner skin. He wore dark jeans with a blue shirt. His cell was to the left of a dark cell in front of mine. His file came on:

Name: Logan Trap

Age: 21

Height & weight: 6’2 Ft., 190 lbs.

Power(s): Fazing

Combat: Good, Hand to hand 

Ok. I looked at the screen to see the next person. A girl with Short blonde hair, ice blue"green eyes and fair skin. She was wearing an Avenged Sevenfold shirt with blue jeans. She was to my left. Her file:

Name: Jessica Hollow

Age: 18

Height & weight: 6’0 Ft., 140 lbs.

Power(s): Invisibility

Combat: Fair, Hand to hand

So far two girls and a guy not counting me…better changed that. A guy popped on screen. He had gray eyes his dirty blonde hair fully covered his eyes, he was pale the fact he was wearing a white shirt and light blue jeans didn’t help He was to the right of a dark cell in front of me.


Name: DJ Steel

Age: 20

Height & weight: 6’1 ft., 160 lbs.

Power(s): See Fears/bringing them to life

Combat: Fair, Long distance

I was shocked when I saw the next person. Her maroon hair that stopped at her shoulders, her tan skin and brown-green eyes wearing a purple shirt and skinny jeans. Her cell was to my right. Her file came up:

Name: Valerie Mason

Age: 18

Height & weight: 6’0 Ft., 120 lbs.

Power(s): Time travel

Combat: Fair, Hand to hand

I got so mad when I saw him that whatever made it impossible to move or speak before vanished. His short black hair, deep blue eyes and tan skin. He wore a dark blue shirt and jeans. His cell was in front of mine.  His file:

Name: Alexander Stray

Age: 24

Height & weight: 6’3 Ft., 160 lbs.

Power(s): Adaptability, Main powers- Speed, Fire

Combat: Good, and long distance

At this point I was pissed. I came on the screen. My long tapered black hair in ponytail, deep blue eyes, sun kissed skin. I was wearing black short shorts; dark gray sports bra and a light gray jacket with the sleeves push up. My file showed up:

Name: Riley Alsimera Stray

Age: 19

Height & weight: 6’0 Ft., 140 lbs.

Power(s): Adaptability, Main powers- Speed, Fire

Combat: Deadly, Hand to hand and Long distance

I was so mad I jumped up and spin kicked the camera in my cell. I smirked as it crashed to the ground. Happy that I destroyed something I turn to the TV. A guy was on screen. His cell was by Alex’s cell to the left; right of DJs He was almost as tan as me, with dark brown ryes and black hair that looked like it had out grown his last cut. He wore a Black shirt and dark jeans. His cell was on Logan’s left His file:


Name: Lance Cage

Age: 22

Height & weight: 6’3 Ft., 180 lbs.

Power(s): Teleporting, Bullet/fire proof, Strength

Combat: Warning, Hand to hand

I sat down pissed I mean really how did this happen? I tried to clear my head but my thoughts wouldn’t stop. Why are Alex and Valerie Here? Who’s behind this? Whoever it is I’m going to kill them. Ok what do I know? 

                      My Thoughts

1.        I’m in a cell

2.        I’m starving

3.        I feel unbelievably weak

4.        My brother and best friend are here too

5.        There’re other mutants here

6.        I don’t why I’m here or why anyone is here

7.        I felt like I was trapped in my own body

8.        I don’t have my powers.

I sat in my cell as the lights dimmed.

“So you’re the girl the crazy old man keeps rambling about.” Lance said.

“Crazy old man?” I asked confused staring at him.

“Yeah. He runs the place, makes the drugs, and does the tests on us. I think CP was his name.” DJ answered.  CP right should’ve known he would be behind this! I could help but growl. I should’ve killed him when I had the chance. I heard footsteps. It was too dark to see who it was. My cell door opened with a screech. The person grabbed me and tied me to a chair. I was too weak to fight back like someone stole my strength and trapped my soul in my core. It just happened so fast. How did I lose all my strength? I was wheel out of the ‘dungeon’ and past bright   labs complete with cages, blood stained operation tables and pieces of clothes. My eyes hurt it seemed it the light bulb was the sun.

© 2012 My~Beautiful~Despair

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Added on September 20, 2012
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