Project Zero

Project Zero

A Story by My~Beautiful~Despair

it's a start.



The flock was in cages, they were back at the school. One eraser was in the room, The Director and Jeb were standing by the cages discussing what to do. The flock was bruised and bloody. The metal door opened slowly as a tall girl walked in.

“Sorry I’m late” The girl said leaning in the door way. She had Fang’s hair color, Angel’s and Gassy’s eyes, Nudge’s smile (but it looked evil on her), Iggy’s posture and Max’s stubborn look. Her black and Gray tank top had blood stains on it a long with her skinny jeans, her wings black on top and lighten to a dirty gray at the bottom. Every one was stunned by her.

“What are you…?” The Director started

“You said they were my responsibly” the girl cut in her voice cold and dark. “We all don’t have a pack of mutts to train. I have a life you know” She said eyeing the eraser while twirling her finger in her hair.

“You won’t for long!” the eraser barked. He charged her but she dodged and dug her high heel in his stomach. She didn’t look like she put force behind her attack.

“Reed you should know me better than that.” She said in sweet voice. Reed clawed at her finally cutting her wrist. The dark almost black blood dropped down her tannish skin. Anger covered her face as she grabbed his neck and whispered “Run” in his ear. As soon as she let go Reed, Jeb and the director ran out. The girl turned her attention to the flock.

“Who are you?” Angel asked from behind Max.

“The names Zero. And I’m on your side” the girl answered. Zero broke the bars off the cages.  now that the flock didn’t need a babysitter she calmly left the lab.

-Chapter 1-

I waited by the creek for Savannah or Vannah as I call her. She a hyena hybrid kind of like an eraser but more willing to bite you and crush your skull. She has brown eyes and hair that goes to her shoulders really tan skin, always wears gray muscle shirts and army pants. I sat in a tree dozing off.

“Zero!” Vannah scream while ramming the tree, making me fall.

“What?!” I yelled rubbing my lower back.

“You said we need to need people.” She answered. Crap! I totally forgot. I was going to check up on the flock today.

© 2012 My~Beautiful~Despair

Author's Note

Maximum Ride fanfic

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Added on September 21, 2012
Last Updated on September 21, 2012




I write poems and stories (mostly dark stuff), take pictures, make videos. I'm crazy, people hate me or love me. more..