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A Story by TimelordReaper

Lavi scurried over to pile of food scraps left over from dinner, sniffing through them to find at least something left over to eat. While hes searching Kiba is lying down on a soft blanket with a traveling bag as his pillow listening to the fire in the camp site burn and crack, but he just looks off to the stars wordering whats out there and looking at them sparkle. Everything was peaceful till he heard a rustle in the bushes he looks away from the stars and stars at the bush reaching for his bow pulling out an arrow from his bag he gets up and aims it at the bush waiting for whatever beast may come out.....another rustle he readies his bow string almost touching his cheek....and out poped lavi chasing a white bunny, kiba just starts laughing and says "lavi you scared the crap out of me, don't do that again i could have killed you"

"sorry,I don't have a fast metabolism like some people! not naming any names...YOU!! hey get back here you white haird demon!"

Kiba laughed again watched lavi chase this medium sized white bunny around then lied back down and stared at the stars till he started to drift off to sleep, but it was more like a flash back of his past, he was chasing his sister lily they were playing tag until she tripped and rolled down a hill seeming like it was fun he joined in rolling down the hill they both hit the bottom and a wolf was standing there they were laughing and gigling till he saw it, he protectivly gaurded his sister the wolf looked at them and spoke saying

"you look like two smart teenagers I was just about to go to my realm but I need someone to acompany me will you come?"

"F that were not going anywhere with a talking animal" his sister ran up and said "sounds fun I'm in"

"what lily we couldn't mom would kill us!"

"she will never find out come on lets go or i am going without you!"

the wolf and lily turned around and started walking into a bright light he ran after them yeling "Wait,No,Stop!" all the sudden his body started to burn and glow faintly his sister fell into him and went into his body forming a tatoo out of her soul.the wolf being gone so kiba was all alone but still with his sister's gidence he fell into another realm turning into a man with wolf ears and a tail and also could transform into a wolf he was a Wolfbane.

He woke up to lavi licking him in the face.

"Lavi stop, stop it lavi!"

lavi stoped and said

"ur finally awake you were talking in ur sleep again it was freaking me out"

"Oh sorry"

"Plus some royals are coming we have to hide"

"Why, there also banes they just have land and money its not like there better then us though!"

"Ya maybe, but theres way more than the last time u pissed them off so come on lets just hide this time!"

"Well then why don't we go visit are old good friends!"kiba smirks gets up shakes off dirt and starts walking to here the royals are at.

Just as hes running towards them he hears someone running behind him it was a girl named luna she was a bane that loved to torment royals!

"Kiba? is that you, Wow its been to long so going to mess with some royals huh?"

"ya same old same old, so what you doing here?"

"what a girl can't mess with some royals too?!"

"no no no not like that..."

"I kiddin with you kiba"

 "whew,oh well you still didn't anwser my question?"

"ok I was in the neighborhood and saw royal flags then I saw you running towards them so I though to my self "that looks like fun I should join in!" so ya thats why i'm here"

"oh i though you just wanted to see me!"


she starts blushing but covers her face.

Kiba and luna kept running thinking of eachother but neither of them would dare same something. but they still had there thoughs to think of eachother with. They both ran out into the clearing infront of the royal carts both in fighting stances. all the sudden they all stop and a little girl with pink hair steps out looks at two gaurds and the two gaurd sprinted at luna and kiba yelling. kiba turned into wolf form tackled one clawing and biting him into shreds.

luna pulled out a flute and started playing once the other gaurd was close enough she pulled out a small blade from the flute stabbing it threw the gaurds forehead.

sacari standing near her cart watching with her pink hair blowing in the wind said "ookami please make these bad people disapear we have somewhere to be."

A man wearing black sleaveless shirt with long black gloves and a hudge black scarf and black jeans holding a katana steped out.

"this shall be quick and painless so you will die with no pain."

all the sudden hes right infront of luna and atempts to slice her in two but kiba pushes her out of the way and pulls out his katana slicing at ookami's side but ookami easily dodges and hits kiba in the nose with the blunt side of his sword almost breaking kiba's nose. kiba still standing with a bloody nose waiting for a second or two then starts attacking nonstop with incredible speed, ookami dodging quickly thinking,

"where did he get this speed from if he was any stronger and faster he could match me!?"

kiba yelled "luna now!"

luna drops down from the sky drop kicking ookami  on the top of the head.

while he grabs his head kiba stabs straight threw him shoving him on the ground.

© 2011 TimelordReaper

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Okay, here is my dime if it is worthy anything, I liked this. It had a nice visual effect and it does not lead to something expect. Now I ain't one to say who can sling words, but this may need a second look for edits. Now trust me they do not take away from the over all flow, just might happen to be needed.

Posted 6 Years Ago

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p.s great action at the end really tied up the story awesomely!!!

Posted 9 Years Ago

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man! 0.0 that was wicked cool!!!!!! :D

Posted 9 Years Ago

i really like this story!!! love love love it!!!

Posted 9 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.

i like how this is going. Just grammar and spelling (using caps at the right places and such). :) keep up the good work!

Posted 9 Years Ago

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Added on October 13, 2011
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