Chapter two

Chapter two

A Chapter by TimelordReaper

Day two: Winged Demon and innocent heart


"Hey miku, Wake up, it's time for school. Come on get up!"

"Uh,fine. Wait kitaro! What are you doing in my room! Wait no my house!"

"Your mom let me in and told me to wake you up.Oh yea nice pink bunny pajamas!" kitaro said gigiling to himself.

"They were on sale jerk, now get out. I need to change!"

After five minutes passes by she comes out and hugs kitaro. Kitaro hugs her back and thinks to himself "damn after three weeks have gone by no interuptions from Konan and ever since that kiss me and miku had its only gone up hill, like for god's sake we've been going out ever since then.Yep lifes good...well at least for now." Miku leans forward and gives kitaro a gentle kiss on the cheek and grabs his hand sprinting down the stairs. This time she grabs a pancake, and downs a glass of orange juice in seconds.

"Where do you put it all?" Kitaro asked with a shocked expression on his face.

"Shut up! Alright, bye mom." miku said still holding kitaro's hand as she sprinted to school.Kitaro stoped, and miku looked at him.

"Something wrong?miku asked

"Uh, no. Lets just hurry to school."

They started walking again but what stoped him this time is a black scale falling down.

"Uh, I forgot somthing. I will catch up with at school okay."

"Ok" miku said rushing off.

Kitaro turned around to see konan standing there.

"Hello dear brother!" just then she smackes kitaro into an alley wall and falling off the wall he fell harshly onto the ground smoke covering everything in the alley.

Out of the dust a gaint claw lunged at her, his right arm turned into a hudge blackish grey claw with a half black half white star on the middle of the backside of his palm. He grabed konan and slamed her to the ground as hard as he could and then his claw retracted, waiting for the dust to clear he heard.

"You shouldn't have done that!" The dust intantly cleared to reveal konan.

Konan had turned into a clawed winged demon. her eyes were red and the white in them had disappered, turning black. Her skin turned into scales.

Kitaro runs out of the alley and down the corner and yells "Demon arm level two activate, Demon cannon!" just then his arm changed into a black metal flesh looking cannon thing. He yurned around shooting at konan with blue energy balls while running backwards. Konan blocked all of them with her metal-like scale wings. she opend her mout to reveal sharp dragon-like teeth. Her mouth started glowing orange and a hudge hyper beam shot out. Kitaro jumped out of the way just in the nick of time. Konan moved as fast as light, instantly infront of Kitaro, picking him up with her claw and choking him, holding him in place. She opened her mouth and it started glowing

"Bye bye, dear brother!" konan said evily

and than a hyper beam shot out, shooting kitaro into a cemetary building. A few minutes passed and konan was getting bored,

"That's it, my big bad brother Killed that easy, huh? Well we all knew how this was going to end. Well if ur soul can hear me, you will be seeing miku real soon!"

She turned to leave but heard

"Don't you even think about it, KONAN!"

Kitaro jumped out and his eyes turned red, his arms had black flame-like tatoo marks all up his arms looking as if they conected to the rest of his body. His teeth looked all shark-like.Two giant black raven wings appeared. Both his hand turned grey and into claws. His two small horns stuck out of the top right side of his head. He moved instaintly infront of konan"this time, you DIE!"


Kitaro stabed straight through konan, his hand going straight threw and out of her back. She screamed blood spatting out of her mouth, kitaro harshly threw her off of his claw revealing a hand sized hole threw konans stomack.

"You b*****d! I"ll kill you!" Konan screamed with the last of her spirit.

"That was for father B***H!" kitaro yelled at her picking her up and slaming her back on the ground.

"Holding grudges I see, dear brother" konan said with a smirk on her face.

"Shut up! Shut up! Shut up! SHUT UP!" kitaro screamed tears falling down his face.

Kitaro turned back to konan to see miku standing there in complete and total shock. Eyes wide miku turned around to run but was face to face with  konan who some how got up and healed her wound.

"Time to die girl!" Konan said evily

"ur no going to lay a finger on her!" Kitaro said runing over and protectivly standing infront of miku.

"Wha...wha...whats going on!" Miku screamed

"I'll talk to you later about this miku but first" kitario said pushing konan a few feet away from him and then charged at her.

In combat konan and kitaro were completly equals miku sat by and watched till she heard a voice.

"Miku ur just going to sit by and watch as kitaro is clearly risking his neck for you, do something idoit!" a miserious voice said

"like what run over there and get killed" miku said sarcasticly.

Just then she felt something in her heart twist like it was turning on she screamed at the pain. her hand moved on its own acting like it was holding somthing till a handle of a sword appeard the pain stoped in her chest. All of the sudden her voice spoke in a different language that she never heard before.

"effapyfs wyols oqonyf (innocent heart awaken)" miku said in a demon voice while freaking out.

"You did it, yay you did it, you did it, oh yeah yeah yeah I am awsome! Oh yeah my name is effapyfs wyols translation innocent heart nice to meet ya" the handle of the sword said happily.Miku freaked out and droped it.

"Ow that hurts you know i am used for killing demon not being thrown on the ground!" the handle said. Miku still shocked slowly picked up the sword.

"So uh what are you, where in the heck did you come from, and were you the voice in my head." miku said still freaking out

"I am the innocent heart protecter of all good and destroyer of all evil, I came from you heart you are my host so technically you are the innocent heard also, and I still am the voice in ur head only you can hear me isn't it great!" the handle said

"ok so ur like some magical being and I am the host so also one, what am I supposed to do with this power?" miku asked

"well now that you ask...see that demon over there kill her thats what were supposed to do...but only you can fully activate me so say it and we will kill that demon!"the handle said exitedly.

"Ok...effapyfs wyols oqonyf (innocent heart awaken)" miku said in her regular voice.

All the sudden the sword stared shinning and a blade shot out with a black and white star in it and in the middle of the star was a grey heart as if the two colors had been mixed into a grey heart. miku dashed off to the fight and stabbed straight threw konans wing making it fall to the ground. Kitaro looked over to notice miku in totaly different clothes she was now wearing black skinny jeans with white velcrow straps hanging on both ends. A long sleave grey shirt with a black hood attached to it. her shoes still the same kneehigh converse but this time with grey laces. she also had bandages all up her arms just for show though.


© 2011 TimelordReaper

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first i am not done yet and no just wait and thank you for actually being a person that reviewed this chapter

Posted 9 Years Ago

so, did she die...? good chapter btw

Posted 9 Years Ago

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