Sweet Dreams

Sweet Dreams

A Poem by Tiffany Elise

I hate it when I think of you,

I really shouldn't but I do,

And I know that this is bad for me,

but I'm too far in,

and I can't help myself now,


I had a dream about you last night,

you were the prince,

and i was the princess,

I was the damsel in distress,

and you were the hero.


The dreams kept coming and going,

with the same theme,

with the same perfect theme,

but the hardest part,

was waking up.



Because I knew waking up,

would end it all,

all my happiness,

all my hope.


Let's face it,

you'd only love me in a dream,

a stupid dream,

where reality is distant,

and the truth isn't existant.



I miss the dreams,

I miss you,

I miss the feeling of love,

but the only part that's weird,

is they say when you dream about someone,

they fell asleep thinking about you.



© 2011 Tiffany Elise

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I really liked this. The perfect fairytale dream each one of us has of that certain person we can't have. And yes, it is difficult to wake up from those dreams because in the dream, everything is perfect and going just how we want it to. Any fixing would be:

I dreamt about you last night,
you were the prince,
and i was the princess,
I, the damsel in distress,
and you, the hero."

And the "truth in't existant" part, it could be said as: "The truth is non-esistant"

Otherwise, this is a wonderful piece.

Posted 10 Years Ago

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Tiffany Elise
Tiffany Elise

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