I Guess That Love is What They Call This

I Guess That Love is What They Call This

A Poem by Tiffany Elise

True story, it's sort of hard to know exactly what I'm talking about....


I can’t take this pain anymore,

I guess I’ll have to forget,

All of those confused feelings,

Since they’re mostly made up of regret.


It’s different for me to feel this,

This emotion of painful joy,

I believe they call it love,

But it’s often played with like a toy.


Not the specific feeling,

But other people’s hearts,

It’s a sick and twisted game,

But a pleasurable kind of art.


It’s not so pleasing for the pawn,

The game is for the players,

And if you mess up once and shatter,

Then toppling down come your layers.


Layer one is walls,

Layer two is trust,

Layer three is friendship,

Layer four is lust.


And once your fourth layer falls,

Your heart is exposed and shown,

Then you get this feeling of love,

But inside you’re still alone.


It’s impossible to explain this pain,

The pain of this new feeling,

The pain of this unmarked emotion,

For this there is no heeling.


I think about you all the time,

And I’ve decided that you’re perfect,

And I wish that I could tell you that,

But I’m not sure if it’s worth it,


I’ve never felt this way before,

I’m in love with you,

And I can’t admit that to myself,

Even though it’s true.

© 2011 Tiffany Elise

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Added on June 6, 2011
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Tiffany Elise
Tiffany Elise

Orlando, FL

Hello peoplesies, my name is Tiffany, and I'm a writer! Well, that's a little bit obvious, this is Writers' Cafe, isn't it? Anyways, I write poems about love, but often write murder stories. It's odd,.. more..