Remember me?

Remember me?

A Story by Tiffany Elise

**WARNING** F-word is in this multiple times. lol


                I should’ve known a long time ago that something was off about those light blue eyes; those same eyes seemed to stare into my soul, into my secrets. Love was the last of your concerns, I just didn’t know that then. Since I haven’t seen you my life has gotten a lot better…. Remember how my wrists used to be covered in deep cuts that would leak blood for hours? They’re all gone now. Remember the dark auburn marks on my arms where I had once rested a hot knife? They’re all gone now. Remember the sickly black and blue color that used to flood my legs? It turned into a tan color, the same color I had almost forgotten due to the imperfections I was plagued with the need of creating.

                It’s hard to know that at one point in my fucked up life I used to love you. Now, instead of loving you, I would love to find you dead on a street corner. I would love to see YOU covered in imperfection, like you caused me to be. I would love to explain to you exactly what you did to me, but it’s not like you give a f**k, it’s not like you’d apologize. You never DID give a f**k, you never DID apologize, so why would you now? I’d just be wasting more time than I already have on you, again.
                To think I wasted the pain, the love, the time, the blood on you….

© 2011 Tiffany Elise

Author's Note

Tiffany Elise
Ignore the slight gramatical errors. Please review! No comments on the genre, I couldn't find one that fit this piece.

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I like this. It strengthens the idea that when one gets away from the negativity in their lives, their lives improve. It's a wisdom that I feel many people still need to open their eyes to, as I see many who are still battling the evil, hoping the evil will change and it almost never does.

Thanks for sharing!

Posted 9 Years Ago

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Added on December 12, 2011
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Tiffany Elise
Tiffany Elise

Orlando, FL

Hello peoplesies, my name is Tiffany, and I'm a writer! Well, that's a little bit obvious, this is Writers' Cafe, isn't it? Anyways, I write poems about love, but often write murder stories. It's odd,.. more..