Egypt's Secret

Egypt's Secret

A Story by Titin

Adelaide, Aiden and Fiona are all orphans so their lives are not exactly easy. Despite this, their fire for adventure still ignites in them. What will happen when they go out to find adventure?


The creature sat quietly between the mess of trees.  Its large ears pricking up, trying to detect any sound that had a possibility to be a threat.  Its snow-white body tense, ready to flee.  It was so beautiful and innocent.  I didn’t want to do it but it was necessary in order to stay alive.  In a flash of movement, an arrow zoomed, taking away the life of once a lively rabbit.  The arrow pierced through its soft fur coat, staining it with fresh red blood.  I slowly walked up to my lifeless prey.  I bent down and picked up the rabbit and held it close to my face.  Then, I whispered, 

“I’m sorry.  I really don’t want to do this but out here, it’s either hunt or be hunted,” with that I placed my fourth rabbit into my backpack and headed off to find Aiden and Fiona.  

Aiden, Fiona and I are close friends.  We’ve known each other for what seemed like forever.  As orphans, family was something that we did not have so we depended on each other.  We trust each other with our lives.  As you can imagine, life at the orphanage wasn’t exactly luxurious.  The orphanage rarely received any donations so the children there have to make their own money.  No one cared how we made our money.  They just wanted to know how much we   made.  Everyone had their own way of making money.  The list of methods carried on forever.  Some would sell paintings, food, antique objects or they could hunt.  Fiona, Aiden and I chose to hunt.  Everyday we would go to the woods with our weapons to hunt for game.  We would try to catch anything we could find.  

Each of us had a different choice of weapon.  My preferred weapon was a bow and arrows that my dad left for me.  It was just a plain bow but it meant the world to me.  Aiden’s weapon of choice was a dagger.  It was the most beautiful dagger I have ever seen.  The handle was made out of pure gold.  It was embodied with the most gorgeous ruby and its blade was the finest and sharpest of them all.  One day an old man walked up to us and asked to buy Aiden’s dagger.  The man offered a good amount of money for it but Aiden declined it.  We later found out that it was his family’s heirloom.  He said,

“This dagger is the only memory I have of my parents this dagger is the only connection I have with my parents.”  Aiden always kept that dagger by his side, even when he’s asleep.  Fiona’s choice of weapon is a spear.  Fiona was always been a careful and gifted person.  Fiona made the spear herself. The handle of the spear had delicate patterns engraved on it.  The patterns weaved up the handle like a vine up a tree. The tip of the spear was so sharp that I would not dare touch.  

Fiona’s skill with the spear then was nothing compared to her skill now.  Before she would only attempt to jab at the prey that is in the radius of her spear.  Now she could pin a bird to a tree as it is flying and make it seem as though it was effortless.  Aiden’s skill with the dagger has also improved tremendously.  He reckons that it was because of our need of survival that made us commit to improve.  When we were still inexperienced, Aiden would only use the knife to butcher meat or untangle the prey from the cruel-looking trees but now, with a flick of his hand the prey would be lifeless.  I myself have also improved greatly.  I now can kill a prey at a distant of fifty metres.  Earlier, I would not dare to shoot at a prey from such a distant in fear of the arrow flying in the wrong direction, taking away the life of my friends.

That day was a beautiful day.  The quiet wind and the warm sun made the animals calm so it was very easy to hunt.  I kept walking with my filled backpack to the place where we said we would meet.  It was by a beautiful small pond.  Here the flowers bloomed and swayed in the wind, giving off an extremely pleasing scent.  I set my leather backpack down, seated myself by the pond and waited patiently.  Suddenly a pair of hands blocked my view.  I immediately recognised the person but chose not to say it.

“Guess who?” said the familiar male voice.

“Aiden!  Help me!  I’m being kidnapped!”  I shouted sarcastically, playing along.

“Never to fear!  Aiden is here!” he announced as he removed his hands from my eyes.  I saw him standing beside me, pretending to be superman.  

Aiden was a decent looking guy.  His spiky dark brown hair was neatly trimmed, framing his chocolate brown eyes.  His tanned skin covered his tall and elegant body.

“Hello!  Poor civilian being kidnapped here!” I said as seriously as possible but failed as I burst out laughing.  Aiden soon joined me in my fit of laughter.  After a while, we regained control of our bodies and sat back up by the pond.

“So how much did you catch?” asked Aiden.

“Four rabbits and one bird.  You?”

“One deer and one squirrel.”

“Wow.  How did you pull that off?”

“A magician never reveals his secrets.”  With this I smirked.  

“Have you seen Fiona?” I questioned.

“Nope but I did hear some strange screeching earlier so she must be near.”  

We started laughing again.  As mentioned before, Aiden and I are very close friends.  We were inseparable.  When we go and trade our game, the adults would stop and observe us.  After a long while of thought they would say,

“You two are perfect for each other.”  This caused me to blush and Aiden to chuckle.

Rss!  Rss! Went the bush.  This was not a sound nature usually makes.  Aiden and I smiled at each other, knowing what was behind that bush.

“Aiden, I’m scared!  Oh what could it be behind that bush?” I said in a maiden-in-distress tone.

“Oh don’t worry!  I’m sure it’s just another deer, or a rabbit, or…” answered Aiden in a casual way.

“Or what?!!!” making my voice sound more alarmed now.

“Or a… Fiona!” we shouted at the same time.

In that instant, Fiona emerged from the bush holding a sack of squirrels.  Fiona was a beautiful girl.  She had long waves of curly black hair that rested lightly on her shoulders.  Her blue eyes like ice and her skin dark form the sun.  Some of the guys in town would follow her around like lost puppies.  I was always secretly jealous of her looks.  I did not have those gorgeous black curls.  Instead, I was born with long wavy brown hair that reached my waist.  I had the strangest colour of eyes.  My eyes were a light shade of purple.  At birth, the nurse thought that the demons have possessed me but later on, it was proven that my eye colour was a genetic thing.  According to other people I was a very pretty girl but whenever I look at Fiona I can’t help but feel hideous.  To me, it was like ‘Beauty and the beast’.  Even though this sometimes bothered me, I didn’t let that get in the way of our friendship.  

“So Fiona, how many squirrels did you catch?” I questioned as I used my finger to indicate the sack she was holding.

“Have a guess,” she answered and smiled mischievously.

“Nine?” guessed Aiden.

She shook her head.

“Thirteen?” I guessed.

She still shook her head.

“We give up,” Adam and I said in unison.

“Eighteen!!!” Fiona exclaimed. 

 The three of us embraced each other in a group hug resulting into us falling into the glittering pond but we didn’t care.  Today was a lucky day.  We quickly got out of the pond and got our stuff.  Then, we headed for the market.  The local market was an exciting and hazardous place.  The market is also a very dangerous place.  The market is also a very dangerous place.  Here you have to be careful.  You must learn the art of bargaining and how to deal with angry women who think that we should give them a discount.  As we entered the market, we saw a flood of people.  All of them were rich people of course because only rich people got to buy stuff from the market.  The poor people would buy the leftovers of as many restaurants as possible.  It seemed impossible to go through the crowd.  We linked hands and carefully weaved our way through the dense crowd.  We did this until we found our bench.  This is where we put all our stuff our display to sell.

A lady in a puffy pink dress walked up to us and examined our game.  Then, her eyes shifted.  They were now gazing at us.  After a while she wrinkled her nose in disgust.  I was furious.  My hand clenched into fists.  Fiona and Aiden sensed this and both put one of their hands on each of my arm.  I breathed slowly and calmed myself down.  I hate those kind of people.  Those people who think they’re better than everyone else just because they have a dress puffy enough to hide their size of their butt in.  Those people are what I described as selfish, spoiled little sissies.  I disliked them greatly but I have learnt that not all rich people are horrible.  Some are kind and understanding.   

The lady was still looking at our dead prey with her beady blue eyes.  After a long time she said,

“I’ll take two rabbits,” I quickly packaged the two rabbits in a piece of newspaper and handed it to her.  She would not dare to touch my hand.  Her nose kept wrinkling in disgust and her hands could not decide if they should or shouldn’t take the package.

“Oh, did you want me to gift wrap it for you?” I asked sarcastically, now angry.

“No,” the lady answered in her unnaturally squeaky voice.

“Then, take it,” I growled.

“But your filthy hands will damage my precious delicate hand!”

“Do you know who I am?!!”


“I am Miss Luisa La’mier, daughter of Mr. La’mier.”


“I would like it if you treat me with respect.”

“Like how you are treating me?”

“You little peasants are at another level.  You are not even worthy to talk to me.  Especially, you.”

I couldn’t take it anymore.  I lunged at her but a pair of strong hands wrapped around me stopping my assault.  I thrashed and struggled, trying to get out of the grip but it was no use.  The arms were too strong for me so I stood still, panting as the anger boiled inside me.

“Oh my god!  She’s an animal!” the lady screamed.

“And the only thing stopping this girl from killing you is me and if you keep up with that attitude, I might just be angry enough to release her,” growled Aiden between gritted teeth.

“That means leave!” Fiona piped in. 

 The woman hurried away without taking the packed meat.

“Adelaide, calm down!” Aiden whispered in my ear as the woman left.  My breathing steadied and my hands relaxed.  Egypt has not always been like this.  Egypt used to be a beautiful place with its old housing and good-hearted people.  Everyone was treated equally.  Egypt is not a completely dry place as most people imagine it.  It has a few forests but most of it was made of sand.  The sun used to smile as it turned the soft sand into glitter.  The wind used to hum melodically as it weaved its way pass the busy town.  Now, Egypt has changed completely.  The new government has caused a disastrous impact on this land.  Everyone wasn’t being treated equally like before.  Instead, there are two groups.  You either belong to the rich or the poor.  The rich treated the poor like animals, sometimes even lower.  Egypt no longer is an ancient and mysterious place.  It is packed with shops and pubs that only the rich could go to.

After a few more hours at the market, we finally sold out all of our game.  Today we earned a fair amount of money so as a reward, we helped ourselves to some apple pie.  We bought a pie from Mrs. Listra and sat ourselves at a table in her little café.  Fiona and I shared a half of the pie and the other half was Aiden’s.  I have always wondered how it is possible for Aiden to devour such a great amount of food at one time.  

When we finished, it was about four o’clock.  We ran quickly through the forest and stopped at Snowdrop meadow.  Snowdrop meadow was a lovely place.  The ground was covered with thick layers of astonishing white flowers.  Fiona, Aiden and I sat there watching the sun kiss the horizon goodbye.  The sun must have blushed because the sky was immediately turned red and pink.

“Wow… it’s beautiful,” I whispered absent-mindedly.

“Yeah you are,” answered Aiden.

“What?” I exclaimed, surprised.

“Uhmm... I said: Yeah, you’re right,” said a frantic Aiden.

I smiled and lay myself down onto the bed of flowers.  On the other side of me, I could feel Fiona’s silent laughter.  Blushing, I gave Fiona a slap on the back.

“Ow! What was that for?!” she yelled.

“You know very well what that was for,” I replied.

She smiled innocently and raised her hands as a gesture of surrender.  I rolled my eyes in response.

“Hey guys, I have a great idea!” suddenly said Aiden.

“What?” Fiona and I question in harmony.

“Let’s visit ‘The Valley of the Kings’”


We loved ‘The valley of the Kings’.  It was the only thing they kept when destroying ancient Egypt.  It was the only piece left of the ancient Egypt.  Fiona, Aiden and I would go there if we’ve been having a harsh day.  Somehow the faded hieroglyphs on the walls and the old fragile pottery comforted us.  It gave us hope that one day Egypt will return to its true, magnificent self.  

We gathered our things and were ready to go in a couple of minutes.

“Race you on three,” Fiona announced, “1…2…3!”

We raced off.  I was running as fast as my feet could carry me but the other weave faster.  They were gazelles as they elegantly dodged the tress and zoomed home.  Finally we got to the orphanage.  Aiden and Fiona were arguing about who won.  The three of us dropped off our money in our own secret storage at the orphanage and was gone before you could say ‘Greek cheese’.  This time we were too tired to run so we used our horses.  We each had a very different horse.  Fiona’s horse was blessed with beautiful white fur.  Its mane was a light shade of grey making the horse look wise.  Fiona named her horse Snowpea.  Aiden’s horse was Nightshade.  This was obviously because of his jet-black body the resembled the night.  Its fur was smooth and shiny.  Aiden’s horse had a beautiful white mane that seems to dance every time the horse moves.  My horse is a lot plainer than the other two.  My horse was a regular brown horse.  It had nothing special about it and it had the most common horse name in the entire country.  Its name is Chestnut.  

We rode on our horses as fast we could.  The pounding feet of the horses against the sand were making a very fast rhythm.  The scenery soon became a blur.  After a decent amount of riding, we finally arrived at ‘The Valley of the King’.  The magnificent piece of architecture was breath-taking being with its size and simplicity.  Since our new government, this place has been out of bounds but nothing could stop us from getting in.  Years of hunting have taught us many things.  We successfully snuck in while no one was noticing.  Here we were alone.  We savoured these hours of solitude.  The hours we spent away from the phony Egypt were rare and pleasurable.  Although we have been here several times before, this place never gets boring.  There is always something new discover.  

We walked closely through the aged halls.  We turned a corner.  Our breaths stopped.  On either sides of the corridor were displays of old vases.  The patterns on those vases are wild and exotic.  The colours were obviously made form natural elements because it was dull and not bright like those modern, artificial colours.  We separated and started to examine the vases more carefully.  My eyes wanted to stay on the vase forever but it couldn’t.  I had to see if my friends were still here.  Unwillingly, I tore my eyes away from the vase and turned around.  As I turned around, I saw Fiona’s fingers advancing towards the vase.

“Don’t touch it!” I screamed but it was too late.

As soon as the tips of Fiona’s fingers made contact with the vase, the floor flipped open and were falling to what seemed like a bottomless pit.  Eventually, we reached the bottom.  It was not as hard and painful as I had expected.  Instead, it was actually quite soft but something wasn’t right.  The ground under me seems to be moving.  Probably from the fall, I thought.  I ignored this and started calling for my friends.

“Fiona?  Aiden?  Are you here?” I called.

“Here!” a female voice called.

“Here!” said another voice.

“Good,” I said curtly.

“Is it just me or is the ground moving?” asked a concerned Fiona.  I looked down.  It was too dark to see anything more than a food away from me.  Sudenly, I felt a chill up my spine.  I picked whatever it was from my back.  I examined it but the darkness wasn’t helping.  I started counting the legst.

“1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7..” I mumbled but my voice trailed off as realization dawned on me, “SPIDER!!!” I screamed.  

My hands and feet thrashed and push trying to get away from them but it was impossible.  The sea of spiders kept growing higher and higher.  A little further away, I could hear my friends struggling.  Then, I had an idea when I saw a hole at the top of a wall.

“Guys, stop moving!”  See that hole over there?  We are going to use these spiders as an elevator,” I suggested.

No one said anything but knew I knew that, that was a yes.  It was a hard trying to stop yourself from thrashing but eventually we got there.  One by one we climbed up into the hole.  When I got there, I saw my friends sitting.  They were panting heavily and they looked exhausted.  Their faces were as pale as a sheet of paper.  I didn’t tease them about this because I was pretty sure I looked the same way too.  I started to get worried.  Were they bitten?  Are they poisoned? I thought.  As though reading my mind, Aiden’s lip spread into a smile reassuring me that they were all right.  After a moment of  resting, we started to crawl further into the hole.  Everything was normal.  Suddenly, a hole appeared making us drop again.  This time we didn’t land in a pit of spiders.  Instead we found ourselves on a complex series of slides.  The slides twisted and turned.  I eventually lost count of how many turns we’ve made.  Then, we reached a splitting point.  Splitting up would be a bad idea so my hands automatically grabbed hold of Aiden’s waist and Fiona grabbed mine.  It seemed like this slide ride would never end.  I was starting to the nausea but luckily the ride soon stopped.  The three of us flew into a room.  The door slammed shut as we hit the cold rock floor.  I tried to get up but my hole body ached.  I lay back down but knew I had to get up.  With all of my will, I forced my body to stand. I saw that Aiden and Fiona were already checking out the place.  There was nothing impressive about this room.  The room was practically empty except for a small tomb.

“Ad, are you okay?  You look green.  Here sit,” insisted Aiden.

I took a seat where he gestured.  I was now sitting on a pedestal that mounted the little tomb.  I turned as I felt like I was about to throw up.  Bang! My eyes caught onto something!  It was a cover of a sheet of parchment under the tomb.  

“Guys check this out!” I exclaimed as I gestured towards the corner of parchment.

“Should we examine it?” asked Fiona.

Aiden and I exchanged looks and nodded.

All three of us started pushing.  Our muscles were tense.  The veins on our arms and temples were bulging as beads of sweat trickled down our faces.  

“Last push!” called Aiden when the tomb was almost off, “1!  2!  3!”

Finally, it was completely.  Gently, I picked up the parchment.  The words were written in beautiful calligraphy.  My eyes trailed on the words.  I realized that this was written in Latin.  I started reading it aloud:

Carus, qui semper est legerem,

Quod scribo, mihi fluunt per duos motus. Et contristati sunt beati. Laetus sum, quia tandem Ægyptus securum iterum, rumex quia onus et periculum haec aguntur dabit vobis. Ego Alsidium, ultimum abscondito custodibus. Iam ego hanc legistis tempore mortuus. Aut caesis aut senectus Ego tradam tibi debeo. Id est, sacramentum novae militiae nunc. quod arcanum praesidium quaeris? Etiam occulta custodia praesidium populi qui secreti aut Ægypti. Sed nec scire custodes circa hoc sacramentum. Hoc sacramentum non est nisi ad Pharaonem qui transibant. Omnes scire est locus in quo stas fecerunt, in tacito sub elit. Oportet illud tueri vitam tuam. Principale est inimicus vobis galas. Hi sunt foeda homo esus animal quod vis accipere Ægyptum descendit. Pharaone meum ibi in sempiternum, dicit quod hat nobis fuerit, cur non confidebant. Garla simplex via est occidere animalia et homines occidere. Ego vero non dubito, qui dolorem ipsum si aspera dolor lacus satis hanc cartulam tunc non esset remanens ex singulis elit.

O ego oblitus. Pugnae dabis libenter audiat haec tantum quod non. Habes tergo agmen. Iustus dico huic:

Adeste fidelis exercitus et adiuva me!

Ut custodiant te in astra felicitate.

Tua vero,


This meant:

Dear who ever is reading this,

As I am writing this, two emotions flow through me.  They are happy and sorry.  I am happy because Egypt is finally safe again, sorry because the of burden and danger this is going give you.  I am Alsidium, the last secret guards.  By the time you have read this I would already be dead.  Either be slain in battle or die of old age.  I am now going to hand you my responsibility.  In other words, you are now the new secret guard.  What is a secret guard you ask?  Well, a secret guard is a person or a group of people guarding the secret of Egypt.  However, we guards are not allowed to know about this secret.  This secret can only passed from one Pharaoh to another.  All you have to know is the place where they kept their secret is under the room you are standing in right now.  You must protect it with your life.  You main enemy is the galas.  These are foul man-eating beast that wants to take Egypt down.  My Pharoah says that their hat for us has been there forever. We’re not sure why.  The way to kill a garla is simple it's the same as killing animals and humans.  I am truly sorry for the very rough detail but I am sure that if you were smart enough to find this parchment then, figuring out the details wouldn't be so hard.

Oh I almost forgot.  You will be glad to hear that you are not fighting these things alone.  You have a whole army behind you.  Just say this:

Adeste fidelis exercitus et adiuva me!

Good luck and may the stars watch over you.

Yours truly,


When I finished reading, I saw Aiden and Fiona’s face showed nothing but fear.  At that moment I finally understood what the saying: Too much curiosity is dangerous meant.

“Everything’s going to be okay.  We’ve got into this mess, now we must get out and we’ll do this together,” I said softly as I took each of my friends’ hand.

“Okay.. Let’s start with that spell thing,” whispered Aiden.

We looked at Fiona and she understood.  She started reading those words slowly.  As the last word rolled off her tongue, a large group of Egyptian warriors appear out of thing air.  They were all heavily built men.  They were twice as large as Aiden and wore only pants.  Every single one of them were on their knees with their heads hung low in front of us.  I felt like a queen.

“You may stand,” I absent-mindedly said.  I did not intend to say it but the words came out of my mouth.

“So, can someone please tell me about these so called ‘garlas’?” asked Aiden taking charge.  

A man stepped forward and said,

“Garlas are vicious beasts that feed on the flesh of men.  They have claws and teeth sharper than any blade.  They run on two feet but they are no human although they were once humans.   They would not hesitate to kill.”

Suddenly, I felt heat from behind my back.  I jumped and turned around.  The tomb was glowing red.

“Help!  What’s happening?!” I started to yell in panic.

“do not worry, girl,” reassured the man, “It’s just waning that the garlas are coming and we need to prepare.”

“How long do we have?”

“Three days”

“That’s enough.”

“Would you kindly show us to your armory?” asked Fiona.

“Of course,” replied the man.

He easily created a hole through the wall and quickly led us down complicated corridors.  After a while of walking, we reached the armory.  It was packed with all kinds of weapons but we went with our preferred weapon.  When we came back, we saw that the entire of the army was already armed.  The three of us still felt nervous standing in front of these great big men.  One of them stepped up and said,

“If I may be so bold to ask.  What is our strategy?”

“Uhmm… kill as many as we can,” answered Aiden.

The warrior did not look satisfied with our answer but he did not argue.  

The next three days was a whirlwind.  We spent the days learning as much as we could about these garlas.  We’ve learnt that they hated light, had a population of thousands.  I looked at our army.  We only had a few hundred.  My heart sunk.  I looked at Aiden.  His face showed the same expression as mine.  We all looked and felt very different with these armor.  I had my long brown hair tied back in a neat ponytail while Fiona had hers in a tight braid.  I did not feel like an ordinary little girl anymore.  In the armor, I felt like an ancient Egyptian warrior.  

The third day came.  The sun was setting which meant that the garlas were coming.  Everywhere I looked I saw people saying their goodbyes.  It was an emotional moment.  I won’t deny that I shed a few tears.  I felt someone tap on my shoulder.  I turned and saw Aiden standing there, looking very nervous.

“Uhmm…Adelaide, I have something to say,” said Aiden.

“Yeah?  What is it?” I asked also nervous.

“Well, Adelaide, I... I… I…” choked Aiden.

I pushed him on, “Yeah?”

“I… I… would like to see you battling these garlas.”


I was a little disappointed.  I don’t think I have to explain because I’m pretty sure you know why.  Aiden gave me a hug but stayed there for longer than usual.

“This might be our last goodbye,” he whispered in my ear.

“NO!  This will not be our last!  I forbid you to!  Do you hear me?!  Aiden Martinhok, I forbid you to die!” I yelled frantically.

“Okay,” Aiden said as he chuckled.

We broke apart when Fiona came.  We each gave her an extra long hug.  Then, we got into our positions.

A minute after sunset, the garlas arrived.  They were scarier than I had imagined.  Their deformed face scowled sinisterly.  Their sharp claw stained with dried blood.  Their body was covered with ragged grey cloths and their running resembled a wild gorilla.  They ran at full speed and stopped about ten metres away from us.  They paused for a while to examined us.  Out of nowhere, someone yelled a war cry.  That was when all hell broke free.  

In a split second, the two armies were charging at each other.  I ran into the battle.  A garla stood before me.  It barred its sharp teeth at me trying to scare me away.  Hiss! An arrow flew and speared its heart.  My hands were still gripping tightly at my readied bow. I turned and saw people concentrating furiously on staying alive.  I ran to find my friends.  Then, I spotted her .  Fiona was on the ground with her spear metres away from her.  In font of her was a garla, ready to eat.   My arrow flew as the string on my bow went twang.  Through the creatures head the arrow went, stealing away its life.

“You okay?” I asked.

“That’s a pretty dumb question to ask right now,” she replied as she gestured towards the war.  

I gave her a vague smile.

We were losing hope.  Lots of our men were down and the garlas still have thousands.  There were just too many of them.  There will always be another garla replacing a dead one.  I had a no idea how long this battle has been but my whole body was sore.  I was about to give up when I looked at the sky.  It was almost morning.  Then, I remembered.  Sunlight was lethal to garlas.  We finally had a beam of hope.

“Don’t let them escape,” I shouted.  As if reading my mind they all looked at the sky and nodded.  The garlas being dumb creatures did not understand.  My body was screaming in pain but I forced it to keep moving.  Then, something inside me urged me to run to my left, so I did.  When I stopped I saw a garla sinking its teeth into Aiden’s torso.

“Aiden!” I screamed as I shot three deadly arrows at the beast.  I quickly knelt beside Aiden and examined his wound.  It was very deep.  Tears started to form in my eyes.

“They there, don’t cry,” he said softly.

“Aiden, I forbid you to die!  You agreed remember?  You have to keep your promise,” I yelled.  

The sun rose above the horizon.  The garlas paused them screeched in pain as they shriveled to dust.  Everyone cheered in joy except for me.

“Help!  He’s wounded!  I need help!” I kept screeching.  

“Adelaide,..” whispered Aiden with dying breath.

“Yes?” I mumbled.

“I love you.”

Those were his last words.  His hands fell from my grasp and his body went slack.

“No!  Aiden!! I forbid you to die!! NO!! Aiden!” 

I kept screaming.  I felt a pair of arms around me, dragging me away from Aiden’s corpse.

“Shh… it’s okay.  I’m here,” comforted Fiona.   

She also had tears streaming down her cheeks.  She took me to the room where I’ve been staying for the last few days and told me to rest.  At first, this room was beautiful to me but now I couldn’t care less about its grandness.  I lay on my bed and cried to myself to sleep.

When I woke up I felt sick, tired and miserable.  I sat up, to my amazement, I saw Aiden.  Alive and healthy.  I jumped into his arms and embraced him with joy.  Then, I pulled back and confusion took over.

“But I thought you were dead?  I saw you after you said…” my voice trailed off as my cheeks turned a dark shade of red.

“Remember the Egyptian secret thing?”

“Yeah, what about it?”

“Well turns out that the secret was a potion that could bring dead things back to life.  That was why the garlas wanted it.  They were basically dead moving people.  The warriors thought that I have fought bravely in battle.  They also told me that it was a particular someone was extremely devastated of my death so they thanked me and that person by bringing me back to life.”

“Mmmm….” I mumble still blushing.

“Do you know who that particular person is?”


“Say it!”


“Come on!”

“Fine it was me.  I was screaming your name like a complete psycho when you died okay?”


“I… I… I… need you.”

“Not the three words I was hoping for but we’ll get there eventually.”

The End

© 2013 Titin

Author's Note

This story has no offence against Egypt's government. This is just a fiction story. Nothing personal. Any offence against Egypt in this story is not true and I apologise. This story was actually for an english assignment and we had to write about Egypt. Again, I truly apologise for this. I mean no offence.

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Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam