Chapter 1

Chapter 1

A Chapter by misfit_joker



       "Hello?" I questioned as i walked into the room hesitantly, fearing of what awaited me into the darkness of this abyss. No sooner I step in do I find myself falling aimlessly into an eternity of madness. All around me swarms thousands of  pieces of what seems like home movies being played by a hand-me-down projector. 


       "Are you afraid? Why? Do you fear what you don't remember? Or are you afraid of remembering who you are? Its ok. We all have darkness in our heart. It's what makes us...sane. But how much darkness resides in your heart, I wonder. Can you find yourself in your own prison of purgatory? Or will you perish in regret and lonliness? What say you? Your name may be 'Hope' but yet all I see is 'Despair."


       Who is this apparition? Where has he brought me to? Am I just to assume insanity has overwhelmed me and that I'm just having a conversation with what once was my former self? Frustrated and well, quite honestly, frightened I screamed, "Who are you, you coward? You say I am the one afraid, then why is it I am talking to hollow air?" At that moment, a shadowy firgure appeared that made me feel as if I was an ant about to be squashed. Slowly, he shrunk down to size of a still very tall man. I tried to make out who this person was. For some reason, I feel as if I have known him all of my life; but where?  


       "Do you honestly not know where you are? Why you have stubbled into the Void; a 'Field of Dreams' you could say. You see all of these things surrounding us? They're dreams! Each one its own world with civilizations, laws, and unique powers." 

       " Why am I here? What purpose in me being in this place?"

       "The answers you are searching for await you in one of these dreams. It is up to you to find your true past and a way to defeat 'Him'."


       "Wait! What do you mean by defe---"


       And just like that, this familiar stranger vanished just the same he appeared. I still have no idea what the hell is going on. But I guess for right now my only option is to venture forth on a quest to find out just who I am or was. Looking around, I spot a dream that seemed a good of  a place to start as any. I float towards this relm, not really sure what to expect on the other side, and entered.









© 2013 misfit_joker

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Added on January 4, 2013
Last Updated on January 6, 2013



Pontotoc, MS

I simply want to share a little bit of my world and bring it to yours. I do not believe in sticking with one general genre of writing because it limits the possibilities. Please enjoy more..

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