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           “Whud’da ya want fromme?” John yells in a drunken, slur throwing his, now, almost drained bottle of Jack into the dark, abandoned alleyway. “You’re dead! All’ive ya, dead!” he says. With a tear in his throat, John cries, “You’re dead so just lemme alone.  I jus’ wanna forget you, forget me, forget everythin---.” He falls to the hard, wet ground, not quite passed out but the surrounding area becomes a giant storm of blurry darkness with a hint of light scattered throughout it.

“Daddy” a sweet, gentle and innocent voice calls. “Get up Dad. You need to come with me. I want to help you.”

Lifting his head -a nearly impossible task at the moment- to see who it is that beckons him, a shadowy figure that seems to silhouette a little girl wearing a dress. “Is’aid lemme alone! You’re dead! You can’t save me ‘cause I couldn’t save you.. B’sides, I don’eed your help. I jus’ need more booze.”

“No amount of liquor will be able to rid you of your past. But if you follow me, I can make you forget the things you hate; forget the things you fear; forget the pain and sorrow.” Turning around while gesturing him to follow her, the figure says “Come. Let’s find your path together.”

            John is intrigued enough to begin the struggle that is getting up while in a drunken stupor; his legs about as stable as a gambling addicts bank account. His legs are unreliable, wanting to give way causing him to bounce from side to side of the buildings making up the alley like a cruel game of Pong. At times, he has to use the brick walls as a makeshift crutch; one shoulder leaning the majority of his weight on the wall and he uses his free hand as a guide feeling in circular motions to aid him move forward.


            Only after a few moments of slowly chasing after the mysterious being, the alleyway itself begins to become unsteady as if it had been drinking with John that night. The buildings John desperately depended on for stability begin to fade in and out of existence; the night sky seemed to flicker with static like an old television set fashion. Soon, the fading buildings completely dissipate, leaving John helpless as he plunges to the, now, very familiar turf. He musters the strength to find himself back to his less-than-functioning feet.

            Once up, John notices that a single maple wood door now stares him in the face; daring him to open it, welcoming him to come inside. On it somewhere near the top of the frame someone, or something, etched the words “In the beginning”. John reaches forward for the doorknob and with a slight pause, turns it cautiously, releasing the door from the frames grasp. He takes a brief moment to scan what lies within but all that awaits is a chasm of infinite darkness. Without even thinking, he says “God created the heavens and the earth…” He lunges forward, aimlessly falling into the formless, empty nothingness. 

© 2015 misfit_joker

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WOw...your slurring speech is so well done! I love the personification of the alleyway; "the alleyway itself begins to become unsteady as if it had been drinking with John that night." That line is amazing. Such an interesting idea for the beginning of a story! Thank you for sharing

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Added on July 25, 2015
Last Updated on August 3, 2015
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Pontotoc, MS

I simply want to share a little bit of my world and bring it to yours. I do not believe in sticking with one general genre of writing because it limits the possibilities. Please enjoy more..

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