The Prince & the Pauper

The Prince & the Pauper

A Story by Antoñyo

10-Word contest entry


“You know, lavender helps breast bloating and poor indigestion,” the celebrity mentioned on the terrace where he usually stayed when he was in town. “Learned it from my nutritionist.” 


The woman’s nose crinkled.


I’ve actually heard that somewhere before, but…“Um, okay, that’s a new one.  I’ve never heard that before while catching a man staring at my boobies. But more interesting, you swell up much?”


“Oh, that’s a low blow. I didn’t mean me, she…Well, we’re even. I suppose I was gawking, huh? Blame the drink and this place. It’s a bit magical, minus the dead rabbit carcass below.” 


“That coming from a man that travels from New York to L.A. with his pet iguana,” she replied.


The view overlooked a bluff that yielded a picturesque view, and they could see the fog rolling in slowly from offshore. He poured more liqueur into her glass when she looked away.


“So, what’s the Big Apple like compared to Los Angeles?”


“I don’t understand all the hoopla about here. I mean, beyond the beautiful weather and landscape. New York is so much more alive with culture and social interaction. You’d love it there. Perhaps you might join me when I go back someday?”


She offered only a mild smile and led him back inside. “I think dinner’s ready now.”


Soon, a cook stood over them at the table waiting for confirmation while a server offered caviar.


“It’s imported from France,” the celebrity mentioned with pride.


“The snack that smiles back,” the woman said in near whisper, then smiled in deep thought.


“Excuse me?”  


The woman looked at her surroundings. This is not me. Why am I here?  And did I think he will ask me to marry him?


“The snack that smiles back,” she repeated, louder this time. “It’s what someone I used to know would say when all he had to eat was a bag of Goldfish.”  

© 2016 Antoñyo

Author's Note

A new twist on an old title them (The Prince = celebrity, etc).

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This is an interesting story. I like how you've taken the 10 words and created this shorty that really seems alive. The characters aren't simple, even though you didn't write a long drawn out thing. Their interaction seems realistic for a first date; they're careful but flirty

Posted 3 Years Ago

LoL That last line was me a few weeks ago. Happens that way. As I woman, I've never heard that first line before. That's hilarious. A very nicely woven tale with each given word in a well thought out place. All of you are really stepping up this 'game'. Top Notch! Kudos. Others will get a kick out of this, too, I'm sure. Thank you for entering this round of 10 Words I Give.

Posted 3 Years Ago


3 Years Ago

Last line; been there, done that, too...and the first, I wasn't making it up! ::: read more
Wicahpi Iyozaza

3 Years Ago

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