Creature of the NIght

Creature of the NIght

A Poem by Toxic Tears

Creature of the Night


There once was a girl who's hair was white as snow

And if you look deep into her mysterious eyes you'll see them glow

Everyone claimed her to be the most beautiful girl in town

But she holds a deep dark secret that would make them all frown


By day she's the perfect girl who's beauty shines in the morning light

And by night its best to lock your doors and stay clean out of sight

Her body gets so weak and the urge to hunt begins to grow

She'll creep in your house late at night. So hide under the covers, and let nothing show


If you look at her now, you'll see nothing but pain and wrath

So dont let her see you, or tonight will be a blood bath

She'll toy with your mind, then play a game of hide and seek

Better hold your breath, dont make a sound, and try not to freak


She'll stop at nothing til she satisfies her unquenchable hunger

She does not age anymore, for each life taken keeps her younger

She's waiting paitently, for the right time to make her kill

And she can smell your fear as you try to stay calm and still


Your reality turns into a nightmare, and its now a game of life or death

You'll be lucky to see the sun rise or even take another breath

Your parents always told you stories about her, the creature of the night

But you didn't believe them, now your fighting for survival. So pray it will be alright


You begin to worry as you see your life flash before your eyes

You try to think of a way to get around her before your life dies

So be wise, dont do anything stupid, but you better think fast

Because one wrong move, could make it your last

© 2008 Toxic Tears

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hey TOXIC I really liked your poem "creature of the night" it's awesome

Posted 13 Years Ago

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Added on July 15, 2008


Toxic Tears
Toxic Tears


My name is Megan. But everyone calls me Toxic. so either is fine. lol Im 18 years old. and im a pretty easy person to get along with. Umm I started writing in 2006 or the begining of 2007, not sure w.. more..