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Are humans inherently good? I do believe we like the idea of being good... but I'm not sure that that's enough. This is why our close friends see us hurting, but say nothing.. because they just can't be late to their coffee date. Or maybe they're too absorbed in their own thoughts and feelings. We get a sense of comfort with friends. We forget that they are human, just like the strangers we see every day. Sometimes when we are hurting, its strangers that reach out. Strangers that care and help us to smile again. Have you ever been walking down the street and seen someone alone, crying? Didn't you want to stop and help? Now- how many times have you had a friend going through something, and you did nothing? Maybe you don't know how to approach it. Maybe you're uncomfortable. It doesn't matter... because bottom line is you're comfortable. You've already built a foundation with that person so does it really matter if you help this time? You assume the foundation will still be there. Well, I'm stepping down. I don't think I want anymore foundations. I don't think I want anymore flriends. I want strangers. Strangers that see me as a raw, emotion filled human being that could be dealing with absolutely anything! People that will say Hello, not knowing if they're talking to a satanist or an evangelical! People that see me hurting, and help. There's no "well we're friends so its implied that I'm on her side." No. Its "what's the matter and can I try to make you smile?" As beautiful as these strangers are, I typically never see them again. So it's the same thing, people being good with no commitment. I have always said, People are beautiful until you get to know them. And now I understand why. It's very easy to be beautiful, if only temporarily...

© 2019 Toxic89

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Added on January 12, 2019
Last Updated on January 12, 2019